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How would you like to heat or cool each room in your home to preference and perfection using the absolute minimum amount of energy? VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow systems use refrigerant as both the heating and cooling medium. A single outdoor condensing unit links to multiple indoor units with no need for ductwork. Variable motor speed, variable refrigerant flow, and inverter compressors accommodate partial heating/cooling loads with lower power consumption.

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VRF technology is ideal for the weather extremes in Chicagoland & the surrounding areas. Along with controlling each room individually, you benefit from opportunities such as heat recovery, simultaneous heating and cooling, and up to 55% savings in utility costs. For a quick return on investment and exceptional year-round comfort, get in touch with the VRF experts from Comfort24-7.

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Comfort24-7 is experienced, knowledgeable and qualified in the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of VRF systems. We offer prompt, skilled, and conscientious service across Libertyville, Elgin, Aurora, Lansing & Melrose, IL. You can learn more about the many advantages, schedule a convenient appointment time and resolve emergency situations 24/7 by reaching out to Comfort24-7 at (866) 707-0222.

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