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Being comfortable in your own home is essential to your happiness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, too many homeowners in the greater Chicago area find that their homes just aren’t as comfortable as they’d like. If you feel like you’re never comfortable at home, it’s worth your while to take some time to figure out the problem. In many cases, your discomfort may be caused by an inadequate or outdated HVAC system. Evaluating your comfort needs and choosing new home comfort products can help to improve your quality of life while making your home the sanctuary it was meant to be.

Getting to The Root of Poor Home Comfort

If you feel uncomfortable in your own home all the time, you might not even know what’s making you uncomfortable anymore. It’s important to take some time to think through why you’re never comfortable. Identifying the root causes of comfort-related issues will help you find the solutions that you need to truly enjoy your life. Of course, your local HVAC contractor will be happy to help you assess your in-home problems and find comfort products suited to your demands.

Your Home is Always Too Hot

Nothing feels better than coming into a warm home after being outside on a cold winter day. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that their houses are simply too hot during the winter months. An uncomfortable rise in home temperature might be related to broken HVAC equipment or poor ventilation. Choosing a new boiler, furnace or heat pump can help alleviate this problem.

Your Home is Always Too Cold

Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months helps to protect you from heat-related illness and provides you with a refuge on even the hottest of days. However, some homeowners find that their spaces get too cold while their HVAC systems are in use. You might experience problems with a cold house if your air conditioner is too large for your space or if it is in need of repair. Choosing a new unit or having maintenance completed can help alleviate this problem.

Your Home Suffers from Dry Air

Individuals who live in dry climates may find that they suffer from a wide variety of respiratory and skin problems if the air is too dry. Of course, dry air in the home can also be caused by your air conditioning unit. Injecting moisture back into the air with a humidifier can help to alleviate dry air problems.

Your Home Suffers from Too Much Humidity

Living in a home that experiences high humidity levels can be just as frustrating as living in a home where the air is always dry. If the air is too humid, individuals who suffer from asthma and COPD may notice an increased number of respiratory attacks. Excess humidity can also make it difficult to stay cool during the summer. Using a dehumidifier can help alleviate problems with air that is simply too humid.

Discovering Home Comfort Solutions

No matter your particular home comfort issues, there are a wealth of HVAC products designed to meet your needs. Remember that you will need to carefully evaluate your home comfort issues before deciding what comfort products you should purchase. Be sure to work with an experienced HVAC dealer who can both recommend and install comfort products in your home.

Heaters, Furnaces and Boilers

Whether you use a central air system or ductless system to heat your home, it’s important that your heating unit is up to date so that you don’t suffer from indoor temperatures that are just too high. Look for a furnace or boiler that has received high efficiency ratings and is compatible with an advanced thermostat. You may also wish to consider purchasing a heat pump, which will provide for even heating and cooling of your home.

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Your air conditioner provides for a pleasantly cool atmosphere inside your home on even the hottest of days. Choose a new, efficient AC unit to take care of your cooling needs without freezing yourself out of your house. Remember that choosing a unit of the right size is essential to ensuring your comfort. You may also wish to consider a heat pump, which will provide for both heating and cooling.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Balancing the amount of moisture present in the air is a big battle for many homeowners. If your air is simply too humid, consider using a dehumidifer to bring your home back to a comfortable level. If the air inside your home is overly dry, use a humidifier to put moisture in the air. Remember to use a humidifier with a special filter designed to remove pollutants from the air.

Air Purifiers and Ventilation Systems

If the air inside your home is always stuffy or if you suffer from allergy problems, consider using a ventilation system to encourage the flow of clean, healthy air throughout your space. Homeowners who are concerned about indoor air quality may also wish to use an air purifier to remove pollutants from the air. Both types of devices can be integrated with your home’s current HVAC system.

Working with An HVAC Professional to Address Your Comfort Needs

At Comfort24-7, we know that staying comfortable in your own home is one of your top priorities. We’re happy to help consumers throughout Chicago, northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan find HVAC contractors on whom they can rely. Use our online tools to find a contractor who can explain home comfort products and options to you in detail.