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Nearly everyone who is even slightly familiar with HVAC products and services has heard of the Carrier name. In the highly-competitive home comfort products industry, Carrier, a company known for its many technological advances, has played a key role in bringing HVAC technology into the 21st century. In fact, the Carrier name has been on the forefront of HVAC innovation for well over a century — ever since the invention of air conditioning by Willis Carrier in 1902. And though Carrier would not go on to found the company that would bear his name for another 13 years, it was he who ushered in the modern air conditioning era by developing the first truly scientific air conditioner. With this significant technological milestone as one important part of its heritage, the nearly 100-year-old company enjoys a rich history of innovation and an ongoing commitment to bringing high-quality home comfort solutions to the HVAC marketplace.

A number of key characteristics combine to make Carrier an industry leader:

Technological Innovation

Willis Carrier’s invention, which he referred to as an "Apparatus for Treating Air," brought such great change to early AC technology that he soon became known as "The Father of Air Conditioning." His invention enhanced indoor comfort by providing an unprecedented level of humidity control — a groundbreaking improvement over earlier cooling units developed by others. In 1914, Carrier AC units began selling around the world. Carrier continued his tireless research, developing the first residential AC system for the Gates Mansion that same year.

In 1915, the Carrier Engineering Corporation, founded by Willis Carrier and six of his fellow engineers, opened its doors and continued installing quality AC systems. Evidence of the company’s spirit of innovation during its early history is demonstrated by its decision to hire the nation’s first female engineer in 1917 — before women were even granted the right to vote.

Carrier went on to invent a centrifugal chiller for commercial use in 1921. While his earliest AC system was designed for an industrial application and his first residential system was not available to the masses, Carrier’s ongoing efforts eventually made the invention of air conditioning pay off for the average consumer when he developed a portable AC unit designed expressly for residential use. Known as the Weathermaster, this home unit became available to the general public in 1930. Yet, despite all that Carrier and his company had accomplished during the first decades following the invention of air conditioning, they had barely begun to tap the innovative genius of their founder or the technological skills of the company’s engineers.

Notable Achievements

Throughout the remainder of its history, the Carrier Corporation has led the way through achieving such notable accomplishments as the following:

  • 1946: Equipping the world’s first air-conditioned bus
  • 1956: Winning the largest residential AC contract ever awarded
  • 1957: Developing the Roomette air conditioner for mobilehomes
  • 1958: Developing the first front-walled unit for refrigerated transport containers
  • 1980: Supporting the Internet by providing critical cooling functions to data centers across the globe
  • 1990: Becoming an early adopter of safer refrigerants
  • 1993: Preserving the priceless art in the Sistine Chapel through humidity-monitoring equipment
  • 1993: Leading the way in environmental responsibility by ending the manufacture of CFC-based chillers two years ahead of the U.S. Clean Air Act deadline
  • 2010: Introducing the first natural-refrigerant container
  • 2011: Introducing its Infinity® heat pump, a model offering the most efficient heating of any air-source heat pump on the market and named one of the top 50 products of 2012 by Greenbuilder

Consistently High Product Quality

Carrier commercial, industrial, and home comfort products are among the highest quality HVAC products available — products the company stands behind 100%. In product after product, Carrier has consistently lived up to its legacy of technological innovation and quality craftsmanship, building durability, convenience, dependability, and energy efficiency into each new equipment model. The wide variety of heating, air conditioning, and air quality control products the company offers make it possible for a whole spectrum of customer comfort needs to be met through the high-quality solutions that have made the Carrier name recognizable the world over.

High Company Standards

The company’s high standards are demonstrated not only by the quality of every one of the home comfort products it manufactures but also by the stringent requirements it places on every Carrier factory-authorized dealer. Any HVAC dealer who desires Carrier factory authorization must meet the following criteria:

  • Extensive technical training on Carrier equipment
  • Adherence to national performance standards
  • Carrier University attendance by dealer’s sales representatives
  • Responsible business practices regarding licensing, insurance, and warranties
  • NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification
  • Ongoing training to keep up with emerging technology
  • Use of genuine Carrier parts whenever possible
  • EPA certification in the proper handling of refrigerant
  • Professionalism, integrity, and impeccable customer service
  • Demonstrated record of customer satisfaction

To encourage its dealer-contractors to live up to the company’s high standards, Carrier recognizes its outstanding dealers by honoring a handful of the top performers with the company’s highest award: the prestigious President’s Award. Each year, the company presents these awards as a way of saying thanks to these dealers and encouraging others to emulate their "leadership and management, customer satisfaction, expertise, business growth and operational excellence."

Superior Service

In addition to innovation and superior product quality, Carrier’s uncompromising commitment to service excellence is one of the most distinctive marks of its position as a true industry leader. Not only does the company provide outstanding customer service; it also expects the same of its factory-authorized dealers and service contractors. One way the company demonstrates its commitment to service is to ensure that not only one, but two warranties are in place for every product sold by its factory-authorized dealers: the dealer’s warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, the company insists that all warranty claims be resolved in a timely manner. If a Carrier factory-authorized dealership consistently fails to meet its warranty obligations promptly, that dealership faces the danger of losing its authorization as a Carrier dealer. This is just one more way the company ensures the best possible service for its customers.

Supreme Reliability

With a nearly 100-year history of quality and an impeccable reputation that has endured through its decades of service, the Carrier Corporation has amply demonstrated its reliability to the customers and dealers who depend on the company to follow through on its promises. In the 21st century, the company continues to show that same level of dependability through the dedication its experts routinely devote to product research, development, and production, as well as customer satisfaction.

Focus on the Customer

In 2012, Carrier unveiled its Energy Experts Program, a program designed to help homeowners throughout the country lower energy costs while increasing comfort. Another step the Carrier Corporation has taken that demonstrates its customer-centric view is the company’s recent launch of the new Carrier Home Comfort section of its website. The miniature Carrier site is designed to educate consumers about home heating, cooling, and indoor air quality, while providing more in-depth information about the company’s extensive lineup of HVAC solutions. Through the site, the company hopes to help its customers select the HVAC equipment and services that will best meet their needs.

Environmental Responsibility

Ever since the invention of air conditioning, the Carrier name has been synonymous with environmental responsibility. And for the past 20 years, the company has had a multi-faceted program in place which has helped it to address critical health, safety, and environmental issues, such as significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering water consumption, to name just a few of the areas of environmental concern that the company is proactively tackling.

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