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Indiana became the 19th state on December 11, 1816, and its capital city is Indianapolis. According to the U.S. Census, 6,537,334 people live within the state. The median income for households in Indiana is estimated to be $48,393 annually with average home values being around $123,300.

Often referred to as the land of over a thousand lakes, the origins of the name Indiana go back to when the state was part of the Northwest Territory in the late 1700s. The word Indiana means “Land of the Indians” as the area was previously inhabited by Illini, Miami, and Shawnee tribes.

Indiana’s History
French explorer, René-Robert Cavelier was the first European to arrive in what we now know as Indiana. Several years later, a trading post was established as fur traders arrived in the area and began to trade with the tribes. Once the British arrived in the area, fighting broke out, as they wanted to take control of the fur trading. Because of their victory in 1763, the British gained control of all land east of the Mississippi River and lands north and west of the existing colonies.

When Ohio was separated from the Northwest Territory in 1800, the remaining area became known as the Indiana Territory. This territory was split by an act of Congress in 1805 into two territories with the second later becoming the state of Michigan.

Indiana played an important part in the Civil War by providing many soldiers to the Union Army. The Battle of Corydon was the only battle was that was fought in the state during the war. After the war, Indiana went through great industrial growth with automotive and steel industries until the Great Depression. Prosperity returned at the end of World War II and continued until the 1973 oil crisis that devastated the automotive industry. It took until the 1980s for the state’s economy to recover.

Top Schools Found in Indiana
Indiana is home to several top ranked public and private universities including Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, and Indiana State University. As one would expect college sports are of importance to many residents as they root for schools’ respective teams the Boilermakers, Fighting Irish, Hoosiers, and Sycamores who participate in NCAA Division I.

Sports in Indiana
Over 250,000 auto racing fans flock to Indianapolis Motor Speedway every Memorial Day weekend to watch the Indianapolis 500. The racetrack is host to several other high profile racing events such as NASCAR’s Allstate 400 at the Brickyard throughout the year.

Basketball may have been created in Boston, but its creator James Naismith wrote in 1925 that Indiana was the center of the sport. This was evident in the movie Hoosiers, which was inspired by the 1954 team from Milan High School that went on to win the state finals in 1954.

Indiana’s Climate
According to climatologists at Purdue University, Indiana’s weather can be quite volatile. During the winter, residents can experience extreme cold and during the summer high temperatures with plenty of humidity. The reason for the extremes is the convergence of various air flows over the area from the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, and the Pacific Ocean.

If you live here in Indiana year-round, you know all too well the various types of weather to expect. You also know the importance of having heating and air conditioning contractors that you can trust. We at Comfort24-7 understand your concerns and are available 24-7 just as our name implies for all your cooling and heating repairs.

HVAC Services in Indiana

Whether you need a furnace repair or a simple yearly furnace tune-up, our local group of heating contractors is ready to serve you with the highest level of service throughout Northwest Indiana. Do not forget about your air conditioner, we also offer repairs and tune-ups to make sure you and your family remain cool throughout the hot summer months.

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