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Native Americans are known to have occupied the area that became the state of Illinois for more than 7,000 continuous years. In the 1600s, explorers including Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet came to the area. Illinois became a territory in 1809 and was administered by the federal government until it became a state in 1818. The state supplied 150,000 troops for the Civil War and had a Union post along the southern border at the Mississippi River. By 1900, Chicago’s growth caused the state’s population to soar.

Illinois has a population of just under 13 million. Chicago is home to most of the population, with more than 65 percent of the state’s residents. Chicago is the third-most populous city in the United States, with about 2.7 million residents.

Geography and Climate
The State of Illinois has a widely varying climate due to its size and geography. In general, the state has hot and humid summers and cold winters. The further north, the colder the weather and the more snow during the winter months. Areas in proximity to Lake Michigan are subject to occasional lake effect snow and winds, which is how Chicago got its nickname, “The Windy City”.

Illinois has a rich and varied culture. Abraham Lincoln’s life and accomplishments are a significant source of tradition in Springfield. In Chicago, the city’s various ethnic populations make for many exciting neighborhoods each with its own flavor. Chicago is famous for its sports culture, cuisine, shopping, and as the headquarters of Oprah Winfrey’s production studios. The city has a vibrant comedy and improv scene as well as other performing arts.

There are many museums within the state, ranging from presidential history to art and more. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago offers exhibits featuring everything from dinosaurs to diamonds. The neighboring Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium offer educational and interactive exhibits on sea life and the stars. In Springfield, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation offers the largest presidential library with state of the art exhibits and interfaces.

Local Events and Shopping
Chicago is where most people go shopping. The Woodfield Mall used to be the largest in the country until the Mall of America opened its doors. From high-end shopping to the classic Marshall Fields to unique gift stores, Chicagoland has it covered. The state offers events and festivals throughout the year, from the Ravinia Music Festival with outdoor performances throughout the warm months to the annual Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors

With the extremes in weather conditions that Illinois has, air conditioning repair, heating repair, maintenance, and installation services are needed by home and business owners on a regular basis. At Comfort24-7, we offer air conditioning, heat pump, and furnace repair 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable indoor environment in your home or business. Give Comfort24-7 a call to arrange for service.

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