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You can’t control the weather, but you certainly have the ability to keep your home comfortable, especially with today’s advances that give homeowners access to the best home Wi-Fi thermostat from Carrier called the Infinity®Remote Access Touch Control.

More than 100 years ago, a determined engineer named Dr. Willis Carrier solved an elusive challenge. He figured out how to control indoor temperatures and improve human comfort. Over his career, Dr. Carrier filed more than 80 patents that led to ingenious advancements in indoor comfort, healthcare, food preservation and much more.

While Dr. Carrier was an accomplished inventor, he appreciated the great outdoors and everything nature had to offer. It’s this appreciation for the environment that drives Carrier to this day to produce high-quality, energy-saving solutions for indoor comfort. If you’re looking for a better way to control comfort settings in your home, learn more about the best home Wi-Fi thermostat available on the market today.

Deciding if the Best Home Wi-Fi Thermostat is Right for You

Are you gone from home a lot? Do you have an unpredictable schedule? Do you wish you could save energy while you’re away without returning to an uncomfortable home? Advancements in programmable thermostat technology help you overcome these problems thanks to a unique solution: a Wi-Fi thermostat. Install the best home Wi-Fi thermostat to give you control of your home’s temperature even while you’re out and about.

How Does the Best Home Thermostat Wi-Fi Work?

Wi-Fi thermostats, also known as remote access or Internet-controlled thermostats, use Wi-Fi technology to communicate with your computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone. The thermostat comes with a wireless router, which is what grants the thermostat Internet access. When controlling the thermostat from your smartphone, you simply need to download the app that grants you access to the controls. Different interfaces make it easy to change the temperature setting no matter which device you use.

Who Benefits Most from the Best Home Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Those who travel a lot for work or pleasure are the primary beneficiaries of Wi-Fi thermostats. If your flight gets delayed or you decide to extend your vacation, you can extend the thermostat’s vacation mode remotely for continued energy savings in your absence.

The opposite is true as well. If you have to cut your travels short, you can end vacation mode early to prevent arriving at an uncomfortable home.

Other types of people who can benefit from the Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat include:

  • Businessmen and women
  • Landlords
  • Vacation home owners
  • Smartphone owners
  • People who appreciate technology in every aspect of their lives

Primary Benefits of the Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Infinity Touch Control is designed to manage the most advanced Carrier systems on the market today. It’s the key to unlocking your heating and air conditioning system’s comfort potential. The primary benefits include:

  • Seven-day programming capabilities: Less advanced programmable thermostats limit you to 5+2 or 5+1+1 programming configurations. However, the best home Wi-Fi thermostat gives you independent scheduling options for up to four periods per day for every day of the week. Schedule programs based on your regular schedule, but remember you can always override the settings with the touch of a button, whether from home or a remote location thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Remote access: Change the temperature of your home via the Internet as well as iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets from virtually anywhere.
  • Full-color touch screen: Large touch buttons and at-a-glance icons make it easy to quickly see and change the Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat’s settings. With adjustable brightness and three faceplate options (white, black and silver) to customize aesthetics, you can make the thermostat truly your own. Customize the thermostat’s look even further by creating your own background thanks to photo upload capability.
  • Manage multiple comfort settings: Temperature, humidity, ventilation and indoor air quality can all be managed from a single easy-to-use touch screen.
  • Heat pump compatibility: Heat pumps operate differently than furnaces. Using an ordinary thermostat to program setbacks does not result in energy savings because it takes the equipment too long to catch up and the backup heat source kicks in to speed up the process. This problem does not exist with the Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat, which uses the Greenspeed intelligence system to match heating or cooling load with performance for the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency during recovery periods.
  • Hybrid Heat technology: You may choose to have a heat pump and a furnace in your home to help you overcome the unpredictable nature of energy costs. Hybrid Heat technology monitors the system automatically, switching between the electric heat pump and gas furnace as needed to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency all winter.
  • Ideal Humidity system: Humidity affects indoor temperatures year round, which is why the ability to control humidity is important for home comfort. By combining the Infinity Touch Control thermostat with the Ideal Humidity system and other Infinity HVAC components, you have complete control over the humidity level in your home, even when the system doesn’t call for heating or cooling. This promotes optimal comfort while saving energy at the same time.
  • ComfortFan technology: This feature is compatible with four levels of “constant ON” fan speeds. By leaving the fan running at all times, you enjoy more even temperatures in each room and cleaner indoor air because air circulates through the filter continuously, all without using hardly any energy.

Zoning Capabilities

The Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the ability to control up to eight zones. Zoning is growing in popularity as homeowners realize its benefits.

  • Customized comfort: Even by creating just two zones that cool the basement and above grade floors separately, you can enjoy fewer hot and cold pockets throughout your home. You can also use zoning to heat and cool areas of your home that you occupy at different times. Enjoy maximum efficiency by keeping certain rooms comfortable precisely when you need them.
  • Convenience and control: Older technology demanded multiple thermostats to control multiple heating and cooling zones, but today’s best home thermostat Wi-Fi changes that. The Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat can control up to eight zones with the use of smart sensors in each zoned area.
  • Zoned ventilation: To ensure that airflow remains acceptable throughout every zone, the best home Wi-Fi thermostat controls fan speeds to various rooms based on the current need. In this way, the thermostat keeps airflow at the optimal level for comfortable and quiet operation.

Features for energy efficiency

  • Advanced Smart Setback enables optimal energy savings during “away” periods by gradually bringing the comfort level back to normal before you return home.
  • Energy-use tracking features help you keep an eye on how much energy your system is consuming.
  • Vacation hold programming lets you permanently override setbacks when you’re away from home for an extended period of time.

Features that keep the thermostat in top working order

  • Automatic system diagnostics
  • System maintenance reminders
  • Filter replacement reminders based on the number of operating hours that go by or TrueSense dirty filter detection
  • Ten-year limited warranty when you register the product within 90 days (five-year warranty if you choose not to register the thermostat)

Features for convenience and comfort

  • Easy-to-understand on-screen prompts
  • On-screen five day weather forecasts
  • Touch’N’Go one-button quick-change feature
  • Auto changeover between heating and cooling
  • Nine-hour clock setting retention in case of a power outage

Setting Up and Using the Best Home Wi-Fi Thermostat

Once you purchase the Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat, the setup is simple:

  • The thermostat comes with a self-configuration feature to aid with the initial setup.
  • The device is powered by its connection to major system components and does not require batteries to function.
  • On-screen prompts walk you through setting up the seven-day programming with ease.
  • Touch’N’Go feature gives one-touch access to comfort settings so you can make adjustments quickly as you rush out the door.
  • On-screen reminders keep you on the same page as your HVAC system in terms of care and maintenance.

The best way to use all of the features and benefits of the Wi-Fi thermostat for iPhone and Android is to invest in a Complete Carrier Infinity system. The furnace, air conditioner or heat pump and Infinity Touch Control Wi-Fi thermostat perform best when used together.

To learn more about the best Wi-Fi thermostat for Android and iPhone, please contact Comfort24-7.com. We have experience providing residents of Chicago Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan with superior HVAC services.