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Located in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, Hinsdale, IL, is a beautiful, historic village. The area boasts great recreation and entertainment opportunities for visitors and residents alike. No matter your interests, you’re sure to find something in Hinsdale to keep you busy.

Area Geography & History

In 1863, The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad abandoned plans to run a line through the then-town of Fullersburg, opting to move construction one mile to the south. William Robbins, a local man with knowledge of the railroad’s plans, bought land in present-day Hinsdale and began developing the city in 1865. By 1873, the village had attracted enough residents to become incorporated. The fast pace of development at the turn of the century led to significant growth for Hinsdale, which remains a strong community today.

The village of Hinsdale lies 21 miles west of Chicago. It is bordered by Western Springs to the east, Clarendon Hills to the west, Willow Brook to the south and Oak Brook to the north. The village is serviced by Interstates 294 and 55. It can also be reached via Chicago Transit Authority rail lines.

Attractions, Entertainment & Recreation

Thanks to its proximity to Chicago, residents and visitors alike will find that there’s always something to do in or around Hinsdale. Those who want to see concerts or sporting events can head into Chicago proper. Others will find that the village offers plenty to do. Those who enjoy art can head to the Hinsdale Gallery and many other galleries located in historic Downtown Hinsdale. Of course, the Chicago Museum of Art, Field Natural History Museum and dozens of other cultural institutions are just a short drive or ride away.

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History buffs in particular enjoy the fascinating local history of Hinsdale. Learn more about the city by wandering the streets of Downtown and talking to locals. Many visitors also enjoy making a trip to the nearby Mayslake Peabody Estate, where they can step back into history and enjoy fun, family friendly activities. The Hinsdale Public Library is also one of the most popular stops in the village. In addition to providing book and media lending, the library also hosts special events year round.

The Local Residents

According to the most recent census, Hinsdale is home to just over 17,000 residents. The village enjoys excellent diversity and is composed primarily of small families. Most adults in Hinsdale are employed in local firms and in businesses located throughout the greater Chicago area. A handful of retirees also call Hinsdale home.

Area Weather & Climate Conditions

As can be expected in the Chicago area, Hinsdale experiences hot summers with high humidity levels and significant sun. Winters in the area can experience very low temperatures and regular snowfall. Most residents and business owners rely on professional heating and air conditioning contractors to help them stay comfortable inside no matter what temperatures are like outside. Of course, contractors also offer air quality improvement services. By choosing duct cleaning, Hinsdale, IL, residents are able to ensure that they’re breathing clean, fresh air and that their HVAC systems are working properly.

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At Comfort24-7, we know that there’s a lot to enjoy in Hinsdale, IL. We also know that the best way to enjoy it is to stay comfortable inside when temperatures are extreme outside. No matter your comfort needs, we’re here for you.

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