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Business owners across Chicagoland & the surrounding areas have a lot of options for temperature control. When you start doing your research, you’ll find that rooftop-mounted units offer unique advantages. To learn more, get the best, and be sure you’ve chosen the right system for your specific needs, reach out to Comfort24-7 at (866) 707-0222. We provide the honesty and expertise that earns total satisfaction.

Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation

Rather than a traditional split heating/cooling system, rooftop units are a packaged system. The air handler, heating, and cooling elements are contained in a single cabinet, as opposed to an outdoor and indoor set of components. Combining everything into one place on the roof allows for simplified maintenance, easier access, space savings, and security. There’s less noise pollution to deal with, and modern RTUs reduce energy usage, feature precision controls and can help with ventilation and humidity control.

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Whether you’re looking for guidance, installation, replacement or the repair or upkeep of any brand or model of commercial rooftop HVAC unit, Comfort24-7 sends a highly trained, certified professional to complete exceptional quality of service. As the name implies, we’re on-call round-the-clock to fulfill your requirements to exacting standards with service across Libertyville, Elgin, Aurora, Lansing & Melrose, IL.

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Commercial Rooftop AC Units

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