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The Air In The Earth's Atmosphere

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about the air they breathe. They only think about it on days when the news says the air quality is bad, or if they, or someone they know, have asthma or another breathing-related problem. But we should think about the air we breathe and wonder about it. … Continued

Information | Your Air Conditioner Condenser: Easy Prey for Copper Thieves?

Your Air Conditioner Condenser: Easy Prey for Copper Thieves? Your air conditioner condenser is valuable to you, but it also contains something very valuable to thieves—copper. Copper is used in the air conditioner condenser because the metal is strong, resists corrosion, is easy to maintain and transfers heat very effectively. As copper prices have risen, so has … Continued

Surviving the Heat: Tips for your Pet

Summer is a season that most people anticipate in terms of the long days, sunny skies and warm weather. Depending on where a person lives, the warm days of summer can become exceptionally hot. These hot days may become stressful not only to the health of people, but to their companion animals as well. When … Continued

What to Do if You Suspect Rodents in the HVAC System of Your Chicago Home

Your duct system could make an ideal place for rodents to call home and can also act as a major thoroughfare. They provide a consistent, temperature-controlled habitat and are predator-free. However, in addition to littering your ducts and compromising indoor air quality, rodents in the HVAC system cause airflow obstructions that contribute to energy waste, higher utility bills, … Continued

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