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Your boiler works very hard to provide heat and hot water for your entire home, and a little maintenance is the key to keeping it running at peak efficiency and effectiveness for years to come. Comfort24-7 knows that home boiler maintenance is very important, and they offer comprehensive service checks to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the risk of future issues. Our goal is to help our friends and neighbors rest easier knowing that their boilers are professionally maintained.

Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

For some frugal Chicagoland residents, boiler or furnace maintenance seems like an unnecessary expense. As long as the heater keeps running smoothly, there is no need to have it serviced. In fact, home heating systems are deceptively self-sufficient: They run well enough to get by on their own, but without maintenance, they are prone to expensive issues and consume unnecessarily large amounts of fuel.

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Proper steam boiler maintenance helps homeowners save money in two ways. First, boilers that are properly maintained run more efficiently than those that are not, which reduces monthly utility costs. Second, a well-maintained boiler is less prone to issues, which means there is less risk of needing a potentially expensive repair. In other words, an annual service agreement is a winning investment in the short and long term.

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Besides saving money, proper maintenance helps the environment by reducing fuel consumption and thus lowering the home’s carbon footprint. Finally, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home heating equipment is properly maintained has real value, especially in the middle of a cold Chicagoland winter.

Boiler Maintenance Checklist

During every gas boiler maintenance visit, our service technicians perform the following procedures:

  • Inspection and cleaning of fireside surfaces
  • Burner inspection
  • System and safety valve check
  • Low water cut-off cleaning
  • Condensate receiver cleaning
  • Electrical check
  • Fuel oil level check
  • General cleaning and tuning of boiler components

These steps include preventative checks to eliminate small issues that could eventually turn into larger problems along with small calibration adjustments that help your boiler run at maximum efficiency.

Our Commitment

Comfort24-7 is committed to taking care of our friends’ and neighbors’ heating needs, and boiler maintenance is a big part of that commitment. We arrive on time for service visits, offer flexible scheduling to work around our customers’ busy lives, and always clean up the job site before leaving a customer’s home. Our service agreements are reasonably priced. In short, we will do everything needed to keep your boiler up and running for many years to come.

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