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Information | EPA Refrigerant Phase-Out: History of Refrigerant

Summer weather in the Midwest is normally hot and humid, and homeowners rely on a dependable and efficient central air conditioning system to keep the indoor environment comfortable and healthy. Fundamentally, AC equipment provides conditioned air by transferring heat energy from the living area to the outdoors. Refrigerant is the medium used to accommodate the … Continued

Information | Ductless Mini Splits: 4 Things You Should Know About

Ductless mini splits are receiving well deserved attention for providing versatile and energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for a multitude of applications. What you may not know are the four technological advantages, and advances, that are driving ductless systems’  efficiency, quality air conditioning and widespread popularity. Ductless Mini Splits Basics Ductless mini splits are manufactured … Continued

Home Comfort | How to Decrease Your Home's Heating and Cooling Load

How to Decrease Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Load Energy efficiency is important to homeowners because it helps save money on annual utility bills. Residents of Chicago, NW Indiana and SW Michigan have to worry about both their heating and cooling systems for the cold winters and hot summers. In the average household, nearly half … Continued

Home Comfort | How Dehumidification Keeps Your Southwest Michigan Home Comfortable

A healthy and comfortable home should have a humidity level of 30-50 percent, regardless of the season. Too much indoor humidity decreases your comfort in the summer and causes structural damage to your house. Dehumidification can reduce health issues for occupants and prevent damage to your home caused by mold growth. Sometimes it’s hard to … Continued

Home Comfort | Duct Design Makes a Significant Impact on Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System

If your home has a central furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC appliance, your ductwork is an unsung hero in your home. Good duct design determines how comfortable your home is and how well the temperature is managed throughout the house. Moreover, it  has a huge impact on your home’s energy use. The average homeowner can … Continued

Home Comfort | Heat Loss and Gain: Windows, Doors, and Skylights Are Keys to Your Comfort

Heat Loss and Gain: Windows, Doors, and Skylights Are Keys to Your Comfort The heat loss and gain in your Chicago are home depends in great part on your doors, windows, and skylights due to thermal energy transfer. As a result, your home’s energy efficiency is directly related to the number, size, and materials from … Continued

Home Comfort | Simple Solutions for Inadequate Return Air Ducts

Simple Solutions for Inadequate Return Air Ducts It doesn’t get more uncomfortable than lying in bed on a hot summer night. You move constantly in an effort to put your skin in contact with any cold portion remaining on your sheets and pillow, but it doesn’t do any good. You might end up surrendering to … Continued

Heating | Why a Load Calculation is Important to Furnace Installation

A furnace installation for new-home design or a system replacement can make or break energy bills and your home-comfort experience for the life of the new install. It’s important to get it right the first time, which calls for an accurate load calculation by an HVAC professional who does not cut corners or fudge numbers. … Continued

Heating | Variable Speed Heating - What Is It and Why It Is Worth It

Variable Speed Heating – What Is It and Why It Is Worth It The efficiency of your home heating system has a significant impact on both the comfort level inside your home and the amount of money you pay every month to maintain that comfort. Efficiency and performance can be affected by particular components of … Continued

Home Comfort | Best Home WiFi Thermostat for iPhone and Android

You can’t control the weather, but you certainly have the ability to keep your home comfortable, especially with today’s advances that give homeowners access to the best home Wi-Fi thermostat from Carrier called the Infinity®Remote Access Touch Control. More than 100 years ago, a determined engineer named Dr. Willis Carrier solved an elusive challenge. He … Continued

Heating | Is a Two-Stage Furnace Right for Your Chicagoland Home?

Throughout winters that are often bitterly cold, it can cost hundreds of dollars every month just to keep your Chicago area home at a decent livable temperature. The coldest months of winter can sap more energy than the rest of the year combined, especially if you’re running an outdated or inefficient furnace. A two-stage furnace … Continued

Heating | Comparing Hydronic Water and Forced Air Heat

Comparing Hydronic Water and Forced Air Heat Chicago and the surrounding areas are known for their cold, windy and harsh winters. To combat the extreme temperatures outdoors, Chicagoland homeowners rely heavily on heating equipment. There are two primary ways of heating your Chicago area home: hydronic systems, which include radiator, baseboard and radiant floor heating, … Continued