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Maintenance | Do You Know What MERV Ratings to Look for When Replacing Your HVAC Air Filter?

Do You Know What MERV Ratings to Look for When Replacing Your HVAC Air Filter? The air filters on your heating and cooling systems play a critical role in keeping dust and debris out of the ducts and HVAC equipment. They also improve your home’s indoor air quality. Selecting the right air filter is not … Continued

Information | Your Air Conditioner Condenser: Easy Prey for Copper Thieves?

Your Air Conditioner Condenser: Easy Prey for Copper Thieves? Your air conditioner condenser is valuable to you, but it also contains something very valuable to thieves—copper. Copper is used in the air conditioner condenser because the metal is strong, resists corrosion, is easy to maintain and transfers heat very effectively. As copper prices have risen, so has … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | A Recipe for (Almost) No AC Breakdowns

An air conditioning breakdown fries a finely tuned summer schedule faster than you can say “pass the lemonade.” It only takes two ingredients to prevent the majority of cooling system failures: an annual preventive maintenance check and some DIY AC maintenance each month. Dishing out routine maintenance helps your system run more efficiently and last … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | 4 Things to Consider Before Tackling That Attic Insulation Project

4 Things to Consider Before Tackling That Attic Insulation Project It only takes one winter in the Chicagoland area to realize how cold it can get. At the other end of the spectrum, temperatures during a Chicago summer can get surprisingly high. Increasing the amount of insulation in your home’s attic is a practical and … Continued

Information | Why You're Never Comfortable At Home: Problems and Solutions

Being comfortable in your own home is essential to your happiness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, too many homeowners in the greater Chicago area find that their homes just aren’t as comfortable as they’d like. If you feel like you’re never comfortable at home, it’s worth your while to take some time to figure out the problem. … Continued

Information | Heat Pumps for All-Year Comfort: Are They Right for Your Chicago Area Home?

Weighing in at 400-percent efficiency and up, heat pumps are reliable workhorses which easily top furnaces for heat output per energy consumed and outpace window and wall heat pump and A/C systems by great strides. Heat pump systems are generally more popular in regions with warmer winters compared to the greater Chicago area. With advances … Continued

Information | What Should a Thermostat Be Set to in Summer and Winter Months?

Do you make sure the lights are off every time you leave a room, but you’re still left wondering why your energy bills are off the charts? If this scenario sounds familiar, as it is with many homeowners, use this guide to determine the best thermostat setting for your home from one season to the … Continued

Information | Why Carrier is an Industry Leader

Nearly everyone who is even slightly familiar with HVAC products and services has heard of the Carrier name. In the highly-competitive home comfort products industry, Carrier, a company known for its many technological advances, has played a key role in bringing HVAC technology into the 21st century. In fact, the Carrier name has been on … Continued

Information | Heat Pump Pros and Cons

Heat Pump Pros and Cons Up until the last decade or so, heat pump cons outweighed heat pump pros because of our cold winters. However, new technology and engineering developments have made this HVAC appliance a viable choice for homeowners in throughout northern region. Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another, … Continued

Home Comfort | Your Home's Ductwork Is an Integral Part of Your Overall HVAC System

It’s nice to find relief from a hot and humid summer’s day inside a cool and comfortable home, or to shake off the chill and keep warm and cozy during a long Chicago-area cold spell. In order for your home to stay comfortable from season to season, the air conditioner and furnace must have an … Continued

Information | EPA Refrigerant Phase-Out: History of Refrigerant

Summer weather in the Midwest is normally hot and humid, and homeowners rely on a dependable and efficient central air conditioning system to keep the indoor environment comfortable and healthy. Fundamentally, AC equipment provides conditioned air by transferring heat energy from the living area to the outdoors. Refrigerant is the medium used to accommodate the … Continued

Information | Air Filtration Basics: Understand Everything, From MERV to HEPA

In any indoor environment, the quality of the air you breathe will have a direct effect on your comfort and your health. Air filtration is your best method of defense against poor indoor air quality and the physical effects it can cause. Here is a brief introduction to air filtration and how it works, and … Continued