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The Air In The Earth's Atmosphere

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about the air they breathe. They only think about it on days when the news says the air quality is bad, or if they, or someone they know, have asthma or another breathing-related problem. But we should think about the air we breathe and wonder about it. … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | Furnace Efficiency Ratings: What These Numbers Mean for Your Home Comfort

Furnace Efficiency Ratings: What These Numbers Mean for Your Home Comfort Purchasing a new heating system is a major decision for most homeowners. Whether you install it into a brand-new home or retrofit it into an older home, this new heating system requires a significant financial investment. It has to work as expected while keeping … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | How Duct Sealing Can Shrink the Energy Bill for Your Chicago Home

All conditioned airflow in your Chicago area home is channeled through the duct system. So, the potential impact of ductwork on your pocketbook and comfort is quite tangible and constant. If your energy bills are getting out of hand and you just can’t seem to find a comfortable thermostat setting, duct sealing can provide instant relief. … Continued

Maintenance | Dealing With Heat Pump Issues? Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips

Heat pumps are an efficient and effective method of cooling and heating your Chicago area home. They heat your home with much more efficiency than a gas furnace, and rival high-efficiency A/Cs for cooling. But without maintenance and repair, heat pumps can develop problems that can interfere with the system’s performance. Here is a brief guide to … Continued

Air Conditioning | AC Capacity: Understanding How It's Measured

You don’t need to be a heating and air conditioning expert to decide on the best air conditioning equipment to replace or upgrade your existing unit. Understanding how AC capacity is measured, however, and the factors that influence proper equipment sizing will help you make the best choices among the options that your contractor gives … Continued

Heating | The Difference Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Furnaces

The heating season is here, and some Chicago-area residents may find that they want more performance out of their home furnaces. But with the range of different furnace models on the market and the variety of specifications available, it’s difficult to understand how any given furnace model will perform in your home. In this article, … Continued

AC Installation | Sizing a Heat Pump Correctly Directly Affects Your Home's Comfort and Humidity Control

Heat pumps are less well-known than traditional air conditioning and heating systems, but they offer an attractive alternative for customers who want to save energy and money. They offer an efficient option for both cooling and heating, and all in one system. Keep reading to learn more about how heat pumps work, sizing a heat … Continued

Heating | Installing a Condensing Gas Furnace: What to Consider

Furnace shopping and installation don’t have to be a major headache, but it does take time and attention to detail. “Measure twice – cut once”, you can apply this same wisdom when shopping for and installing the right furnace for the perfect in-home environment.  Measure your needs. If you live in Chicago, northwest Indiana or … Continued

Maintenance | Clean Evaporator Coils: How It's Done and How You'll Benefit

Clean Evaporator Coils: How It’s Done and How You’ll Benefit Typical Coil Cleaning Procedures Power to the A/C air handler is cut off at the thermostat or at the circuit breaker that controls the air handler. The coil access panel is usually secured by sheet metal screws and air-sealed at the seams by foil tape. … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | Air Filters 101: What You Should Know for Comfort and Savings

The job of HVAC air filters may not seem complex, but stop by any major home improvement store and the variety of filters you’ll see suggests otherwise. Despite their small size, furnace filters have a big impact: Your heating and cooling system’s energy efficiency, the lifespan of your system’s components, and the air quality throughout … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | From Attic to Crawl Space: Is Insulation Worth All the Hype?

Homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their homes in many different ways, such as installing high-efficiency HVAC systems, using energy-saving windows, or sealing air and energy leaks. Improved energy efficiency will automatically result in lower monthly heating and cooling bills. Yet even these efficiency measures will not be fully effective without tending to one … Continued

Money Saving and Energy | Split-System Air Conditioning: The Importance of Matching Indoor and Outdoor Components

Your split-system air conditioning system consists of a carefully matched and balanced set of components that work together to produce the cooling that keeps your home or business location comfortable. Sometimes referred to as central air conditioners, these systems rely on an outdoor condensing unit coupled with an indoor evaporator coil and air distribution equipment … Continued

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