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There’s a growing concern over indoor air quality. For good reason, home and business owners in Chicagoland & the surrounding areas are looking for new and better ways to improve the health of the living/working environment. Here at Comfort24-7, we’ve devoted our training and practical experience to implement effective and sustainable solutions. We hope you’ll get in touch with us at (866) 707-0222 and ask about the many benefits of air filtration.

Air Filter Installation & Service

MERV 13 filters have proven successful in capturing over 50% of particles between 0.3 and 1 microns in diameter. The effectiveness rises to over 85% for particles between 1 and 3 microns and more than 97% for those between 3 and 10 microns. To get some perspective, the average human hair is 70 microns in diameter and most dust particles are 5 microns or less.

Carrier and Bryant Air PurifiersCarrier Infinity & Bryant Evolution Air Purifiers

  • Whole-home filtration that works with your HVAC system
  • Inactivates 99% of select germs and viruses trapped in filter, including human influenza, coronavirus, a common cold surrogate, and the strep throat bacteria
  • Patented Captures & Kills® technology traps 95% of particles flowing through the HVAC system

Carrier Air Scrubber UnitCarrier OptiClean Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine – the best invention by TIME

  • Two pre-installed filters for your convenience; a minimum MERV 7 pre-filter and HEPA filter
  • 99.97% efficient, long-life HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Portable, with vertical design for smaller footprint

Respicaire MicroClean 95 UnitRespicaire MicroClean 95

  • Merv 13 and 1” slim fit for simple servicing and installation
  • Removes pollutants from indoor air at 95% efficiency
  • Green and energy efficient with less than $10.00 in energy costs annually to operate

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Every sneeze, cough, and exhale releases tiny respiratory droplets that contain particles. These droplets range from 1 to 5 microns, can contain viruses, and often remain suspended in the air for quite some time. Air currents created by the HVAC system tend to increase the duration the particles are airborne. MERV 13 filters are invaluable, working to capture unseen and harmful allergens. The cleaner the air, the lower the risk of health threats. Comfort24-7 is here to help with professional IAQ services across Libertyville, Elgin, Aurora, Lansing & Melrose, IL.

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