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New System Installations Guarantee

Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee

All ductwork connections, transitions, flue piping, and gas and electrical connections will be repaired at any time following a new system installation at no cost to the original purchaser, providing you still reside in that home.

Extended System Coverage

Any system covered by a Comfort24-7 Total Protection Plan which includes full parts & labor coverage will also receive the following supplemental protection for the life of the protection plan:

Lightning & Flood Damage Coverage

If your system is struck by lightning or damaged due to flooding within the term of the protection plan from date of installation, Comfort24-7 will give you a credit for up to $300 to cover the deductible amount of your homeowner’s insurance on any needed repair or replacement.

Rust-Through Coverage:

If any cabinet piece (top cover, base pan, side/end panel) rusts completely through during the term of the protection plan, Comfort24-7 will replace it at no charge.

25% Guaranteed First-Year Savings

We guarantee 25% savings on new systems that meet eligible efficiency levels, or we will reimburse you for the difference between the calculated 25% savings and your actual savings. In other words, if the cost of energy (gas and electric) associated with operating your new heating and cooling equipment in the first 12 months after installation is not reduced by at least 25% compared to the 12 months prior, we’ll pay the difference. Details on eligible systems and energy cost calculations are detailed on the 100% Comfort Guarantee Registration form. The system must receive annual maintenance performed by Comfort24-7.

25% Guaranteed First-Year Savings Provisions Include:
  1. The old system must be 10.0 SEER and 80% AFUE or less and fully operational. The new System must include new outdoor air conditioning or Heat Pump unit and a new variable speed gas furnace. The new system efficiency must be at least a 15.0 SEER and 95% AFUE AHRI matched system.
  2. Savings calculations will be adjusted based on changes in utility rates, changes in the square footage of heated or cooled areas, extraordinary energy usage changes, and average cooling degree days and average heating degree days as published by the U.S. Department of Commerce for the nearest major metropolitan area, over the relevant 12 month periods.
  3. Savings calculations will be based on an assumption that heating and cooling costs account for 46% of a consumer’s total utility bill, with a net total electricity bill reduction of 11.5% expected as a result of a 25% reduction in heating and cooling costs. The 46% factor is subject to adjustment where any of the following conditions exist:
    • Heated or cooled garages or outbuilding II. Heated Swimming pools III. The customer engages in a home occupation IV. The energy source for the heating component of the new system differs from the energy source used by the old system
    • Other extraordinary energy usages
  4. The home must be occupied by the same person(s) for the 12 months prior to installation and 12 months post-installation of the new system
  5. Your installing Comfort24-7 reserves the right to meter the new system to validate customer usage
  6. The customer must file a claim for reimbursement within 15 months of the original installation date. Contact Comfort24-7 for completion of claim form and instructions on filing a claim.