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Indoor Summertime Savings Tips: Part 2

Enjoy sizzling summer savings with these tipsIf you've attended to the mechanical needs of your air conditioning equipment in order to save money but are still concerned about high energy bills, there are several structural issues to consider. Some improvements cost very little time and money, allowing you to reduce your energy usage affordably. Create a checklist and tour your home in search of some simple savings opportunities.

Attic Insulation Upgrades

It's important to maintain a healthy roofing system to keep comfort control costs down, and one of the simplest places to start is with your insulation. Too much insulation can reduce ventilation in your attic, an issue that can drive the temperature of both your home and roofing system up. Too little insulation allows a more rapid energy exchange between your living space and your attic, leading to more frequent activity for your comfort control equipment.

Insulation upgrades can increase the barrier between the two spaces to reduce energy loss and lower your energy usage. If you aren't sure about how much insulation to add, inspect your attic to see if floor joists are visible. If they are, add enough insulation to cover the joists. If you don't see the joists, you probably don't need to supplement the existing material.

Sealing Air Leaks

Air leaks can allow conditioned air to seep out of your home while introducing hot air from outside. This natural ventilation may keep the inside air somewhat fresh, but it can also cause your energy bills to creep up. Tight home sealing is important for limiting energy loss, and a tube of caulk is very inexpensive. Check your windows and doors, replacing old sealing materials as needed and filling in any gaps that you may have missed in previous years.

Smart Ventilation

To keep your indoor air supply fresh without driving up energy bills, consider an energy recovery ventilator. As fresh air comes in and stale air goes out, outgoing energy can be transferred to the incoming supply to limit the impact on air conditioning equipment.

Take time to inspect your roofing system components, as well. Vented soffits are used to promote a flow of air through the attic, integral in preventing overheating of the roofing system and living spaces. Clear any obstructions to enhance the airflow.

Duct Sealing

Ducts are notorious for their impact on home comfort costs. An inspection is helpful for identifying whether leaks are present and for pinpointing other possible areas of damage. Occasionally, disconnected joints or crushed portions of ductwork can lead to severe energy loss issues. Leaks can add to the energy loss already associated with this structural portion of your cooling system. If leaks are discovered, your cooling contractor can seal them to improve both home comfort levels and energy usage. Duct cleaning is also important as a buildup of material in the tubes can reduce airflow, leading to poor comfort results and higher bills.

If you need an honest assessment of your existing equipment and an overview of options for lowering energy costs, a Comfort24-7 provider can assist. Our contractors are familiar with the latest technologies and solutions for excellent home comfort and efficiency levels. We will be happy to help you in finding a provider in your area.

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