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Indoor Summertime Savings Tips: Part 1

Enjoy sizzling summer savings with these tipsWhile summer brings many enjoyable activities to the forefront, high cooling bills can be distressing. As temperatures climb, you may be concerned about ways to save on your indoor comfort control. Paying proper attention to your air conditioning equipment is critical for achieving excellent system performance. By managing the mechanical portion of your system, you can keep bills down without compromising on comfort needs.

Regular Air Filter Changes

It is important to begin each cooling season by installing a clean air filter. The primary function of the filter is to keep dirt and debris away from the interior of your air handler. When dust lands and accumulates on your evaporator coils, it can create a barrier that may inhibit the heat exchange needed to remove heat and reduce the temperature of your indoor air. Because these coils also facilitate condensation of moisture from your air supply, their surface can become grimy.

A dirty filter can also restrict airflow. This can create more work for your compressor, resulting in higher energy costs and potentially shortening the life of the most expensive part of your system. Be sure to check at least once a month to be sure that your existing filter is still in good condition, making changes as needed.

Manage Thermostat Settings

The controls for your home comfort system can be a serious source of wasted energy if you don't manage your settings. It's easy to make adjustments based on a momentary need for extra cooling, but without a programmable thermostat, these settings often remain in place far longer than necessary. As you leave for work or other personal business, colder settings can run up that energy bill without you benefitting at all from the comfort changes.

If you have a programmable thermostat, make some targeted adjustments to your settings based on expert recommendations. If you don't have a programmable unit, consider an upgrade so that you can tap into helpful savings opportunities. An adjustment of just 1 degree over a period of eight hours or more can reduce your energy bill by up to 1 percent.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Your cooling equipment can lose efficiency through normal operation each year. Additionally, neglect of air filters and other issues can result in more pronounced efficiency loss. An annual tune-up allows your cooling contractor to inspect parts for wear and tear, enabling you to address issues before they become serious enough to damage your system. Your contractor's lubrication of moving parts, cleaning of coils, and evaluation of other critical system components can result in optimum equipment performance and minimized energy usage.

The best time to schedule AC maintenance with a Comfort24-7 provider is prior to the onset of hot weather. However, a tune-up can be completed at your convenience throughout the summer if you have just learned about the service. We can connect you with a contractor in your community to get started.

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