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Ductless Mini Splits: 4 Things You Should Know About

Ductless mini splits are receiving well deserved attention for providing versatile and energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for a multitude of applications. What you may not know are the four technological advantages, and advances, that are driving ductless systems' efficiency, quality air conditioning and widespread popularity.

The Ins and Outs of Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a time-proven way to lower energy costs year-round, especially households where people have different schedules or come and go at different hours. Lowering or raising the temperature, depending on the season, will save energy, and there's little point in keeping your home as comfortable when it's not occupied or as you sleep during the winter. Today's thermostats are easier to use than ever and take the responsibility off you to manage the thermal aspect of home's HVAC system.

Understanding Ductless Heat Pumps and How They Operate in Illinois Homes

When you're undertaking home improvement projects or designing a new home, it’s important to know and understand your options for heating and cooling new or improved spaces. In a manner of speaking, you’ll need to rate your system options for performance and efficient operation. Make sure to include ductless heat pumps on your list of prospective systems, and you may have found yourself a leading home comfort and efficiency contender.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Don’t Place Them and Forget Them

Carbon monoxide detectors are affordable, easy-to-install devices every home should have. With the Chicago area's cold winters, we have quite a few months to use our furnaces and fireplaces. As important as they are for keeping us warm, these and certain other appliances also pose a small, yet serious risk of carbon monoxide leakage.

Heat Pump Pros and Cons

Up until the last decade or so, heat pump cons outweighed heat pump pros because of our cold winters. However, new technology and engineering developments have made this HVAC appliance a viable choice for homeowners in throughout northern region.

Your Air Conditioner Condenser: Easy Prey for Copper Thieves?

Your air conditioner condenser is valuable to you, but it also contains something very valuable to thieves—copper. Copper is used in the air conditioner condenser because the metal is strong, resists corrosion, is easy to maintain and transfers heat very effectively. As copper prices have risen, so has the theft of copper from air conditioners. Take preventive measures and you may avoid becoming a victim of this common crime.

R-Value -: How Variable Are They?

A recent research study published by the Building Science Corporation (BSC), a respected engineering consulting firm, demonstrated that the R-values of the most common insulating materials vary based on the temperature. The good news for homeowners in climates with cold winters is that the R-value of the most common kinds increases as temperatures fall.

How Is a Thermostat Installed?

Thermostats available today utilize the latest electronics and communication technologies for intuitive programming and Wifi-enabled monitoring of indoor environmental conditions, providing multiple ways for maximizing home comfort and HVAC system efficiency. If you're upgrading the thermostat in your greater Chicago area home and you're thinking "how is a thermostat installed?," learn from the pros with this thermostat installation and selection guide. You'll soon have control of energy bills and home comfort at your fingertips.

Heat Pumps for All-Year Comfort: Are They Right for Your Chicago Area Home?

Weighing in at 400-percent efficiency and up, heat pumps are reliable workhorses which easily top furnaces for heat output per energy consumed and outpace window and wall heat pump and A/C systems by great strides. Heat pump systems are generally more popular in regions with warmer winters compared to the greater Chicago area. With advances in heat pump technology and additional features, however, heat pump systems often make the best choice for Chicago area homeowners seeking energy savings and the all-year comfort of smooth heating and cooling.

Air Conditioning Tutorial: See How It Works and Why Today's A/Cs Are So Efficient

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system, it is important to know the different types of systems, how they function and the benefits of each so that you can make a decision that will enhance your home's overall comfort and energy efficiency for many years to come.

Air Filtration Basics: Understand Everything, From MERV to HEPA

In any indoor environment, the quality of the air you breathe will have a direct effect on your comfort and your health. Air filtration is your best method of defense against poor indoor air quality and the physical effects it can cause. Here is a brief introduction to air filtration and how it works, and how effective filtration can improve the quality and comfort of your indoor environment while also contributing to better respiratory function and improved overall health.

Considering a Heat Pump for Your Home? The Basics You Should First Understand

If you’re giving serious thought to a heat pump upgrade for your cooling needs, that’s a smart move. Heat pumps hold their own with A/C systems for cooling efficiency and dehumidification, and also provide energy-efficient water heating and supplemental heating to augment your furnace. Get to know heat pump basics of cooling and heating, and you may have a new BFF that saves you money and keeps you comfortable all year long.

R-22 Phaseout -- The Refrigerant Changes and What It Means for Your Home

The Environmental Protection Agency's R-22 refrigerant phaseout has been making news and raising questions for many Chicago area homeowners. What is R-22? Why and how are they phasing it out? And how does the R-22 refrigerant phaseout affect you?

EPA Refrigerant Phase-Out: History of Refrigerant

Summer weather in the Midwest is normally hot and humid, and homeowners rely on a dependable and efficient central air conditioning system to keep the indoor environment comfortable and healthy. Fundamentally, AC equipment provides conditioned air by transferring heat energy from the living area to the outdoors. Refrigerant is the medium used to accommodate the thermal transfer since it has unique evaporation and absorption properties.

A Guide to Heating and Cooling Acronyms

Buying an air conditioner can seem intimidating at first. Most people know that cost alone cannot be used to decide because one of the biggest determining factors in cost is the size of the unit and the size needed depends on the size of the area to be covered. Once the appropriate size is determined, the challenge then becomes to determine which unit provides the best or most cost effective options. During this step, consumers may be bombarded with acronyms, but the acronyms should not cause anxiety; each one is actually a specific yet simple to understand measure that makes side by side comparison across brands easy

Why Carrier is an Industry Leader

Nearly everyone who is even slightly familiar with HVAC products and services has heard of the Carriername. In the highly-competitive home comfort products industry, Carrier, a company known for its many technological advances, has played a key role in bringing HVAC technology into the 21st century. In fact, the Carrier name has been on the forefront of HVAC innovation for well over a century — ever since the invention of air conditioning by Willis Carrier in 1902.

What Should a Thermostat Be Set to in Summer and Winter Months?

Do you make sure the lights are off every time you leave a room, but you're still left wondering why your energy bills are off the charts? If this scenario sounds familiar, as it is with many homeowners, use this guide to determine the best thermostat setting for your home from one season to the next and unlock the potential for greater energy savings.

Why You're Never Comfortable At Home: Problems and Solutions

Being comfortable in your own home is essential to your happiness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, too many homeowners in the greater Chicago area find that their homes just aren't as comfortable as they'd like. If you feel like you're never comfortable at home, it's worth your while to take some time to figure out the problem. In many cases, your discomfort may be caused by an inadequate or outdated HVAC system. Evaluating your comfort needs and choosing new home comfort products can help to improve your quality of life while making your home the sanctuary it was meant to be.

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