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Why Mini Splits Really Are as Versatile as They Are Touted to Be

Since their introduction four decades ago, ductless mini splits have been designed to offer versatile installation options to accommodate existing spaces in the home and office. Read on to discover just how well these mighty little heat pumps and A/Cs have exceeded early expectations.

Versatile Components

Ductless mini splits are air-source heat pumps and AC units that have carved a niche between ducted central-air systems and portable and window units. Rather than distribute conditioned air through air ducts from one centrally located air-handling unit (AHU), ductless systems are point-of-use refrigerant distribution systems that place smaller AHUs directly inside the living spaces.

These are the sleek components that make ductless mini splits versatile heating and cooling solutions:

  • Indoor AHU – The indoor AHU may be mounted on the surface of the wall or ceiling (universal mounting), recessed in a hang ceiling panel or into the wall (cassette), or concealed inside the ceiling, wall or floor (flex duct). Other components of the AHU include an air filter, condensate drainage and various electronics and sensors. 
  • Conduit – A thin flexible conduit connects the outdoor unit (compressor/condenser) to the indoor AHU. The conduit contains the refrigerant distribution lines, power supply and drainage line. The conduit may extend for more than 100 feet, and this is the component that makes heating and cooling by refrigeration principles without air ducts possible. It's routed through unseen areas of the home, which may include inside walls, the attic and crawl space or the basement, and only a small hole in the exterior wall of the home is required for entry.
  • Outdoor unit – The outdoor unit consists of a modestly sized cabinet that contains the compressor and condenser. The outdoor unit offers a much smaller footprint than the typical central system. It may be mounted on a small concrete square, mounted to the home's exterior wall or mounted on the roof.

Multiple Applications

Ductless mini splits fulfill the heating and cooling requirements for a host of home-improvement projects and new home design. The wide range of applications showcases mini split versatility:

  • Supplemental – If you’re in need of heating and cooling for difficult-to-reach areas of your home or for spot conditioning, a ductless mini split was practically made for you. Unlike unsightly and noisy window units that block sunlight, you can choose any location you like to install the AHU.
  • Space conversions – Converting attic and/or basement space is a practical way to add useable square footage to the home, but it’s not always practical to extend air ducts to these areas. Mini splits solve this issue nicely, and allow you to heat and cool the new living space independently from the rest of the home.
  • New additions – Save valuable square footage in your new addition by eliminating bulky ductwork from your designs, and go with a sleek ductless system instead. 
  • Spare rooms – Do you have rooms in your home that are seldom used? With a ductless mini split, you may heat and cool these rooms as needed for guests.
  • Multi split – The outdoor units of ductless systems are designed for one AHU or multiple AHUs. You may heat and cool any number of rooms in your home for a full system replacement, specific rooms (e.g. home office and space conversion) and whole-home conditioning for your new energy-efficient new home design.
  • Garage – Heating and cooling a garage offers many advantages for maintaining a conditioned environment for a workshop, or to just protect stored items from the elements. 
  • Outbuildings – Perhaps you have a workshop, guest house or pool house that could benefit with a mini split. Professional installation is quick and easy – typically taking one day.

Exceptional Performance

Ductless efficiency has improved through the years, and has spearheaded many innovations in the HVAC industry. These components are friendly on the pocketbook and achieve a more comfortable home:

  • Inverter-driven compressors operate at variable speeds using only enough electricity to meet any given heating and cooling load. Inverter technology is also significantly quieter than conventional single-stage compressors, and last longer with fewer maintenance issues.
  • High-efficiency refrigerant is ozone-safe and pocketbook friendly. R410A (Puron) heats and cools under higher pressures than the old industry-standard R22 (Freon) refrigerant.
  • Zoning is built in with ductless mini splits and multi splits. Each AHU is independently controlled, which delivers heating and cooling to suit your lifestyle and energy budget.

For more information about the versatility of ductless mini splits, please contact We serve homeowners throughout greater Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

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