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What’s Involved in Professional AC Maintenance?

Annual AC equipment maintenance can help ensure that your central air conditioner continues to operate in accordance with the manufacturer's published guidelines. The contractors affiliated with Comfort24-7 provide comprehensive air conditioning services including complete maintenance for furnaces and AC units. In the preseason, certified technicians visit your home or office to conduct an array of tests, calibrations and inspections designed to address the issues that most often affect air conditioner performance.

AC Maintenance Schedule

An air conditioning maintenance schedule incorporates a variety of services that will prolong the life of your equipment and reduce repair costs by exposing hidden problems. In every preseason visit the technician will:

  • Clean the outdoor condenser and clear the grille of debris
  • Evaluate condenser surroundings
  • Inspect electrical connections and other related components
  • Inspect fan relays
  • Examine disconnect wires and electrical systems
  • Lubricate fan motors
  • Clean evaporator and condensing coils
  • Verify compressor output
  • Measure refrigerant charge and adjust when necessary
  • Inspect existing ductwork for leaks and loose connections
  • Clean the drain lines and drain pan
  • Check thermostat and enter programs if required
  • Inspect contactors and check the defrost controls
  • Test the fan and blower motor
  • Balance the supply registers for better air flow
  • Determine the supply register temperature

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Regular maintenance offers a variety of important benefits when performed by a knowledgeable and skilled HVAC professional. To help promote the importance of preseason tune-ups, Comfort24-7 offers Comfort Cash coupons that can be applied directly to AC maintenance and repair services.

  • Better Comfort: Many minor system problems remain undetected as they continue to impact performance and efficiency. Your AC system will be optimized to maximize comfort and minimize utility expenses.
  • Lower Repair Costs: An unexpected equipment malfunction during extreme weather can be very unsettling, so our technicians will evaluate your AC unit and make the appropriate adjustments when the weather is mild. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a service disruption during a heat wave.
  • Energy Savings: Compromised equipment will cycle more frequently in order to satisfy the indoor load. This raises electricity costs and adds additional stress to other components in the system. Routine maintenance helps ensure your AC unit continues to function at peak efficiency throughout the summer cooling season.
  • Extended AC Lifecycle: HVAC equipment that is maintained properly will accumulate fewer runtime hours. When internal components are clogged or restricted, the unit must work longer to sufficiently cool the living area. Seasonal maintenance helps reduce stress on critical parts, which will help extend the service life of your air conditioner.

AC Troubleshooting

No matter how well an air conditioning system has been maintained, parts begin to wear out as the unit accrues runtime hours. Comfort24-7 provides a service guarantee on the work performed by our HVAC contractor associates. Some of the more common air conditioner performance problems include:

  • Condenser Failure: This condition is usually caused by a damaged motor, electrical breech or a faulty compressor.
  • Uneven Indoor Temperatures: In most instances, uneven temperatures are the result of an inaccurate duct design and substandard installation.
  • Short Cycling: Air conditioners that cycle too frequently often have excess capacity relative to the indoor load. Failure to assemble a full set of load calculations usually leads to a poor design and inferior system performance.
  • Inadequate Cooling: Inadequate cooling in extreme temperatures can result from an undersized air conditioner, dirty condenser, restricted airflow or a low refrigerant charge.

Complete HVAC Maintenance Services

For comprehensive HVAC products and services, we invite you to contact one of our contractor members to learn more about the advantages of properly maintaining your central air conditioning system.

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