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Air Conditioning

7 Tips for Handling an Air Conditioner Emergency in the Middle of Summer

The breezes rolling off Lake Michigan might keep Chicagoland residents cool most days of the year, but a lack of air conditioning in the middle of summer is a recipe for discomfort. If your air conditioner suddenly breaks down on the hottest day of the year, takes these steps to keep your family cool and comfortable.

Duct Cleaning Makes Indoor Air Cleaner and an HVAC System More Efficient

Does your home's forced-air cooling and heating system need a duct cleaning? That's not an easy question to answer, and it depends on many factors in your home, ranging from the span of time since your last duct cleaning to how many dogs and cats you own. However, if any of several variables apply to your Chicagoland home, a duct cleaning is likely needed. It will not only improve indoor air quality, but it will also improve the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Need a New Central A/C for Your Chicagoland Home? Fall Might Be the Perfect Time

Did your old A/C and energy budget barely make it through another Chicagoland summer? Before you shut down the A/C for winter hibernation, consider the many benefits of installing a new central A/C system this fall. It might just be perfect timing. Here’s why.

What’s Involved in Professional AC Maintenance?

Modern air conditioners are designed to provide economical comfort and many years of dependable service. Today's AC equipment is durable and rugged, but wear and stress on critical components accumulates with time and age. A preventative maintenance program is crucial for maintaining efficiency and reducing the likelihood of an unexpected equipment failure.

AC Upkeep You Can Do Yourself

Professional maintenance of an air conditioning system is a must to keep a system running properly. There are some steps, however, that homeowners can complete on their own in between routine visits from a HVAC professional.

What Goes into Sizing an AC Unit?

There’s more to selecting the right air conditioner for your house than you probably know. Find out why size matters.

What to Know About AC Replacement

Replacing an air conditioning unit or heat pump is costly business. Find out what you need to know to make cost-saving, sound choices along the way.

4 Questions to Ask an AC Contractor

Hiring an air conditioning contractor shouldn’t be risky business. When you ask four basic questions, you can pinpoint the best contractor for the job.

Ductless A/C Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid Emergency Repairs

What should you do if the ductless A/C system in your Chicago area home is not performing like it should? Before you call for emergency repairs, you may be able to diagnose, or even fix the problem with this ductless A/C troubleshooting guide.

Watch Out for Common Air Conditioner Problems

If your air conditioner is not performing as it should, there are a couple of things you can do before calling your HVAC technician.See if you recognize any of the following issues:

Where Ducts Can't Go the Mini-Split System Delivers

Are you at your wits' end about how to deliver practical, comfortable and efficient air conditioning to remodeled rooms, such as attic space or a garage? How to remedy stuffy or chilly rooms, or how to heat and cool a new addition without installing new or additional air ducts? If any of these issues have stalled your home improvement projects, consider going ductless with a ductless mini-split system, and experience for yourself why energy-efficient and versatile ductless mini-splits are a leading solution for supplemental and replacement heating and cooling.

Upgrading to a Zoning System Puts Indoor Temperature Control in Your Hands

Central heating and air conditioning is the optimal way to keep your home comfortable. If you've struggled to stay warm during Chicago’s bitter winters and cool during the humid summers, a new HVAC system could be exactly what you need. Unfortunately, central heating and cooling can get very expensive very fast. It also has trouble keeping the basement the same temperature as the south-facing living room. Upgrading to a zoning system is the solution to both of these dilemmas.

Top 10 AC Sins to Never Commit

Summertime energy efficiency involves much more than choosing an energy-efficient central air conditioner. In fact, much of the benefit of a high-efficiency AC system can easily be negated by simple air conditioner mistakes.

AC Capacity: Understanding How It's Measured

You don't need to be a heating and air conditioning expert to decide on the best air conditioning equipment to replace or upgrade your existing unit. Understanding how AC capacity is measured, however, and the factors that influence proper equipment sizing will help you make the best choices among the options that your contractor gives you.

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