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When and Why to Go Ductless

Whether you are building a new commercial facility or planning home additions, ductless air conditioning is an alternative that should not be overlooked. Economical and efficient, ductless ac is an attractive solution for residential and commercial customers in Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

When Should You Use a Ductless System?

One of the best situations in which to opt for a ductless air conditioning system is with commercial or home additions. Installing a ductless system can be more economical than extending the duct work to the new addition. A ductless system also avoids the noise and inconvenience of cooling the room with a window air conditioner. Small studios, attics or garages converted to usable space are other ideal situations for a ductless system. In addition to residential and commercial remodeling projects, ductless systems are practical when other factors come into play:

  • Space constraints. Many older homes and buildings do not have the space to accommodate the duct work needed to deliver conditioned air throughout the structure. Ductless systems are small and compact; mounted high on the wall or ceiling, they easily fit into the décor of the room and are unobtrusive. Even floor consoles take up little space. With the trend toward converting homes into light commercial establishments such as insurance and other offices, ductless systems offer an ideal solution for enhanced comfort.
  • Special needs. Businesses often have special heating or cooling requirements, such as needing a cooler area for a computer room, that are not adequately met with a central air system. With its zoning capability, a ductless unit can augment a central air system and provide just the right degree of warmth or coolness needed for each unique situation.
  • Noise disruption. Ductless systems eliminate the rumbling noise associated with central air systems and are ideal for quiet environments such as libraries, classrooms or places of worship.


Why Go Ductless?

Energy efficiency is a priority for home and business owners in Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Many Carrier and Bryant ductless air conditioning systems are ENERGY STAR rated and qualify for tax incentives and rebates. Ductless ac delivers energy efficiency in two ways:

  • Reduced duct loss. As conditioned air travels through ductwork, it loses efficiency. The ductwork itself can absorb the heat or coolness, or the conditioned air can leak out of the ductwork if it is not properly sealed. More than 30 percent of energy consumption can be attributed to duct losses.
  • Zone control. Zoning eliminates the overheating and overcooling associated with ducted systems. In ductless systems, an indoor unit is placed in each zone that needs to be heated or cooled. Each indoor unit comes equipped with a separate temperature control; this allows the temperature in each zone to be regulated independently. With zoning flexibility, a sporadically used conference room can be kept at a different temperature than a constantly occupied employee work area. Zoning capability means you save money and energy by conditioning only the zones you need, when you need them.

In addition to providing enhanced comfort and energy efficiency, ductless systems have other advantages over central air conditioning systems:

  • Ease of installation. When time is a factor, ductless systems can be installed within several days, depending on the size of the system. They require no demolition to cut holes in ceilings, floors or walls to accommodate ductwork.
  • Less maintenance. Ductless systems eliminate the need for cleaning and sealing duct work.
  • Extended lifespan. With zone heating and cooling, the thermostat reacts quickly to temperature changes; this levels out heating and cooling fluctuations and reduces system wear and tear due to constant cycling on and off.

Because there are different configurations of ductless ac systems made by various manufacturers, it is essential to have a qualified professional help you select your ductless system. One way to measure the knowledge of an HVAC contractor is to find out whether the contractor is a factory authorized dealer.


Factory Authorized Dealer

Choosing a factory authorized dealer guarantees that you are working with a company experienced in all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our Carrier and Bryant authorized dealers adhere to a set of criteria that set the bar for excellence:

  • Trained service technicians. Technicians undergo regular factory training from Carrier and Bryant to keep them abreast of developments in technology and installation techniques. In addition, authorized dealers use technicians who have earned certification through North American Technician Excellence, the most rigorous testing program in the industry.
  • Commitment to customer service. Because they use superior products, authorized dealers offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on services and products. When you work with a Carrier or Bryant authorized dealer, you have the support of the most respected HVAC companies in the world.
  • Quality assurance. Authorized dealers are licensed, bonded and insured. They are proficient in local building codes and regulations and are EPA certified. This means you receive quality workmanship every time, regardless of the size of the project.

Whether you need to avoid demolition to protect the integrity of a historic home or are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the indoor environment in your office, ductless air conditioning is a viable option. Our network of Carrier and Bryant dealers can help you analyze your situation and design a solution to fit your needs. Use our directory to find a local dealer in your area.

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