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AC Installation

Why Sizing Your Air Conditioner Properly Is So Essential

Sizing your A/C unit is necessary in order to ensure the efficiency and comfort performance promised by the manufacturer’s specifications. “Sizing” in the air conditioning sense refers to matching the BTU capacity of the unit with the cooling requirements of the home, a figure known as the “cooling load."

Good Ductwork Design Can Spare You Trouble Down the Line

The importance of proper ductwork design is often evident only when it’s absent. Ducts fulfill their critical function silently, hidden in attics, crawl spaces and inside wall voids. Where ductwork layout and design are performed according to industry standards and quality materials are utilized in fabrication, the homeowner’s not even aware of the ducts. However, this is often not the reality when it comes to residential construction.

Load Calculations: The Most Important First Step Before an HVAC System Upgrade

Whether you’re making an HVAC upgrade or installing the first system in your new home, it’s important to include load calculations on a pre-installation checklist. These calculations are what determine the size of a new furnace and air conditioner or heat pump. The consequences of skipping formal load calculations and sizing new equipment incorrectly are severe.

Sizing a Heat Pump Correctly Directly Affects Your Home's Comfort and Humidity Control

Heat pumps are less well-known than traditional air conditioning and heating systems, but they offer an attractive alternative for customers who want to save energy and money. They offer an efficient option for both cooling and heating, and all in one system. Keep reading to learn more about how heat pumps work, sizing a heat pump, and whether a heat pump is the right choice for your home.

When and Why to Go Ductless

Whether you are building a new commercial facility or planning home additions, ductless air conditioning is an alternative that should not be overlooked. Economical and efficient, ductless ac is an attractive solution for residential and commercial customers in Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

How to Choose? Matching an HVAC System to Your Home or Building

Buying a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system can be daunting. The terminology is unfamiliar and making a mistake can be costly. Most equipment lasts a decade or more, which means that property owners rarely have to delve into the buying process. A qualified HVAC professional from Comfort24-7 will guide you through an analysis of your space, but you may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect as you match an HVAC system to your property.

AC Installation By a Pro Ensures Maximum SEER Performance

AC installation may seem like a straightforward process, but the reality is a little more complex. If your contractor cuts corners or makes errors at even a single step of the installation process, your new system won't perform as it should. With minor errors, you may not notice much difference in your comfort. Where you will see the difference, however, is in your electric bills.

Prep Your Home for Heat Pump Installation and Ensure Peak Performance

Heat pumps are extremely efficient sources of indoor heating and cooling. If you've made the decision to proceed with a new heat pump installation or upgrade, you've selected an effective and economical source of indoor comfort that will save you significant amounts on your monthly energy expenses.

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