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Heating Installation

Your home's heating system helps keep you warm during cold Chicagoland winters. If your heating system isn't as efficient as it used to be or if you find that it just doesn't warm your house well enough, it might be time to talk with a professional HVAC technician. Remember that choosing the right unit will help you stay comfortable while allowing you to cut down on utility bills.

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Choosing The Right Home Heating System for Your Space

Before you choose a new heating system for your home, you'll need to think through your home's structural features and evaluate your own needs. If you're unsure of the best type of system for your home, ask a contractor to evaluate your needs before you begin shopping. Your HVAC contractor will also take care of all installation work for you, making it easy to enjoy your new heating system right away.

Single-Zone vs. Multi-Zone Systems

One of the first decisions you'll need to make when you're shopping for a heating solution is whether you want to use a single-zone or multi-zone system. If you choose a single-zone system, you'll control the temperature in all areas of your house from one central thermostat or air handler. With a multi-zone system, you'll be able to set the temperature in different rooms or areas individually. These systems are ideal for families who don't want to heat unused rooms overnight.

Central Air vs. Ductless Systems

Another crucial decision you'll need to make during the shopping process is whether you want to use a central heating system or a ductless system. Central air systems rely on ductwork to carry treated air throughout your home, while ductless systems rely on air handlers to distribute treated air to individual rooms. Consider the following before choosing the type of system you want to use in your home:

  • Ductless systems tend to offer the best efficiency for both residential and commercial consumers.
  • Central air systems can be very efficient so long as your ducts have been sealed and do not have significant leaks.

System Sizing

Choosing the right size heating system for your home is essential to ensuring your comfort. Before you shop, determine the total square footage of the area that you need to heat. If your ceilings are more than eight feet high, ask an HVAC contractor to assist you with load calculations. You'll use the square footage of the area to determine how many British Thermal Units (BTUs) the heater must have in order to function efficiently.

Professional Heating Installation

Having your new heating system professionally installed is the only way to ensure that your system runs efficiently from day one. Heat pump installation should be completed by a trained heat pump installer who can determine the ideal placement for indoor air handing units. You should also rely on a pro to install a central air system and make ductwork repairs.

Heating and Heat Pump Installation Costs

When buying a new heating system, many homeowners are worried about overall costs. It's best to spend more money now on a highly efficient system as doing so will allow you significant energy savings in the long run. Remember that costs for heating system installation will vary depending on the size of your system and whether you are using a ductless or central air system.

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Choose A Professional to Replace A Heating System

If you're replacing only one heating unit or only some components of your heating system, you should still rely on professional help. Your HVAC contractor will ensure that your system offers you efficient, reliable service. Remember that you should never attempt to replace or repair units that use refrigerants.

Working with Local HVAC Professionals

At Comfort24-7, we make it easy for residential and commercial customers throughout Chicago, northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan to find qualified HVAC contractors in their area. You can use our online tools to choose a reliable, professional heating contractor today.