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A power outage isn’t just inconvenient; it’s also a safety hazard, especially when an extended one strikes during extreme weather. For many home and business owners in Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan, having reliable power is an absolute must to ensure continued operation of heating and cooling equipment and other critical systems. This type of reliability is essential for personal safety and can also help businesses protect their bottom lines. When seamless, reliable power coverage is a must, backup generators deliver the peace of mind required. Making sure you have that peace of mind is what Comfort24-7 is all about. Many of our contractors proudly offer generator service, ensuring home and business owners can keep their lights on even when the power fails.

About Commercial and Residential Generators

While batteries might power a flashlight, they won’t keep a critical furnace running in the winter or an air conditioner going in the hottest part of summer. Backup generators provide a seamless solution for both home and residential uses.

A backup generator is sized to meet the specific needs of the building it serves, providing just the right amount of auxiliary power to keep such items as a furnace, air conditioner, refrigeration unit and lights operating even if the main power grid goes down. Commercial and home generators that are classified as “backup” models are designed to run on a natural gas or LP fuel supply, which means they’ll work even when electricity isn’t available. These systems are installed by professional contractors to kick on automatically, within seconds, if the main power supply to a home or building goes down.

Generator Repair, Installation and Maintenance

Comfort24-7 contractors proudly offer an array of Honeywell generators for home and commercial use. Our skilled professionals have the expertise required to properly size systems to meet a building’s specific needs while also offering installation, repair and maintenance services. They’ll work directly with you to select a system that meets your building’s unique requirements and they’ll install your backup generator to meet or exceed factory specifications so you can rest easier.

At Comfort24-7, we are committed to helping our customers. That commitment guides every aspect of what we do. If it’s time to have a backup plan for power outages that covers more bases than those batteries, just call us now at (855) GET-COMFY.