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Furnace Installation

At Comfort24-7, we know that living in the Chicagoland area often means dealing with cold winters, and having no heat is a recipe for disaster. For many of our friends and neighbors, an efficient, modern furnace is the best way to stay warm all year long. No matter how cold the weather gets, modern furnaces work tirelessly to heat homes and keep residents comfortable throughout the winter. Our dealers' furnace installation teams are prepared to provide our friends and neighbors with all the heating equipment they need.

Our Installation Services

The HVAC companies listed on this site know that every home's heating needs are unique. Their furnace installers start every job with a full heat loss calculation, also known as a load calculation, to determine exactly how much heating power the individual home needs. By taking insulation, layout and potential heat leaks into account, our trained and certified heating experts complete the calculation and pick out a furnace sized to meet the home's heating needs exactly, and this proper sizing not only improves energy efficiency but also extends the lifespan of the furnace.

Our HVAC contractors specialize in the following installation procedures:

  • Gas furnace installation
  • Oil furnace installation
  • System replacement
  • New construction
  • Energy-efficient upgrades

As part of our commitment to our customers, we perform a payback analysis when deciding whether to replace a furnace or repair an existing system. In this sort of analysis, we compare the fuel consumption of the old and new systems and calculate monthly savings based on the average cost of fuel, then compare that to the cost of installation to determine how long it will take for the new furnace to effectively pay for itself. For instance, if a new furnace saves the homeowner $50 monthly, a $1000 installation project will pay for itself in under two years. We fairly present both options in order to help our customers make the best decision.

Our Qualifications

Our HVAC dealers all hold Carrier or Bryant factory authorization, marking them as some of the best companies in the business. In order to earn factory authorization, these dealers need to demonstrate brand loyalty by offering Carrier or Bryant systems almost exclusively; thus, they know their respective brands inside and out and make sure every system they install meets or exceeds the manufacturer's specifications. Furthermore, every one of these companies has demonstrated a high degree of customer satisfaction on independently administered surveys.

Factory authorization also means that Comfort24-7 dealers employ NATE-certified technicians almost exclusively. To earn NATE certification, the most highly regarded credential in the industry, technicians must perform well on rigorous tests that assess their real-world knowledge of furnaces and other HVAC systems. NATE-certified contractors are also expected to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry through a periodic re-certification process. In short, they are the most skilled professionals available, with the training and experience needed to anticipate problems that may emerge during the installation process and deal with them before they cause trouble.

Our Commitment

Above all, every Comfort24-7 HVAC dealer committed to excellent customer service. We know that our customers have busy schedules, so we offer flexible hours to find times that work for everyone involved. Our technicians arrive on time for every installation visit, work diligently to set up the new system, maintain communication with the homeowner throughout the process and always leave a customer's home as clean as it was when they arrived. From start to finish, our furnace installation professionals work to keep our friends and neighbors warm at prices they can afford.