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Duct Cleaning

Oftentimes we view our home or office as an escape from the pollutants found in the outside air. Unfortunately, indoor air is not as pure as we think. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is 100 times worse than the air outside. Poor indoor air quality can result in headaches, fatigue and other ailments. Periodic air duct cleaning helps keep indoor air fresh and is vital for several reasons:

  • Reduces health risks
  • Increases comfort
  • Diminishes energy loss
  • Removes odors
  • Prolongs the life of an HVAC system


Indoor Air Quality

The ductwork in a building serves as the respiratory system for your home or business. Your heating and cooling system functions as the lungs, taking air in through the return lines and breathing air out through the supply lines to each room. As your HVAC system breathes in, it picks up indoor pollutants such as carpet fibers, dust mite feces and chemicals from perfume or hair spray. As it breathes out, it disperses these impurities throughout the building. Over time, these pollutants can build up in the air ducts.

When mold, pet dander, chemicals, dust or other contaminants accumulate in the ductwork, these impurities are picked up and circulated throughout the building along with the warmed or cooled air. According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), these contaminants re-circulate an average of five to seven times a day. Duct cleaning breaks the cycle of re-circulating these contaminants throughout your home or business.

Long Live Your HVAC System

Besides improving indoor air quality, air duct cleaning prolongs the life of your heating and cooling system. As contaminants build up in the ductwork, they begin to restrict the flow of air. Your HVAC system has to run more often than necessary to overcome this resistance and distribute the conditioned air to the various rooms. An overworked heating and cooling system is subject to frequent repairs, a shorter lifespan and early replacement.

Energy Savings

From an economic standpoint, air duct cleaning saves money and energy. The more often your HVAC system runs, the more energy it uses and the higher your energy bills climb. A clean system does not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature; this increases the economic and efficiency output of your system.

What Does Duct Cleaning Entail?

Our contractors use high-performance duct cleaning equipment that ensures proper removal and disposal of contaminants found in residential and commercial air ducts. Comfort24-7 HVAC dealers offer a comprehensive list of duct cleaning services that help ensure your family, employees and customers enjoy a healthy indoor environment:

  • Remove, clean and replace grilles, registers and diffusers
  • Remove, clean and reinstall blower motor, housing and assembly
  • Replace air filters
  • Clean evaporator coil, drain and pan
  • Clean return and supply plenums
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Wash air cleaner
  • Clean all ductwork
  • Ensure proper sealing of access panels

Leaky ductwork loses up to 40 percent of conditioned air; this can reduce the efficiency of a 15 SEER HVAC system to an 8 SEER. The duct cleaning services offered by our Comfort24-7 dealers include sealing any leaks found in your ductwork.

Duct cleaning should be performed every three to five years. The air duct cleaning cost will vary based on the size of your home or commercial facility, the configuration of ductwork and the number of ducts. The cost is not prohibitive, however, and is well worth it to make sure you have clean, pure air flowing through your system.