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Air Conditioning Repair

At Comfort24-7, our name says it all. We are focused on keeping our customers cool and comfortable every day of the year. Air conditioner woes are a sure way to get the summertime blues. Of course, most units wait until the hottest day of the year to fail. That's when your local Comfort24-7 provider can come to the rescue. Our family of air conditioner repair experts is available around the clock to repair common problems and correct issues that are more difficult to diagnose. Customers across northern Indiana, southern Michigan and the greater Chicago area know that our neighborhood HVAC specialists will repair their air conditioning systems properly and on time.

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One-Stop Air Conditioning Repairs

When customers hire a Comfort24-7 dealer to fix a broken air conditioner, we'll do the job quickly and professionally. Our Carrier and Bryant dealers bring the right parts, equipment and tools to get the job done. We also bring the right attitude. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and our professional technicians will do everything that they can to restore your comfort. If the technician you called doesn’t have the right part to repair your system, our cooperative service network will step in to find the right part from another Comfort24-7 contractor who services the same equipment. Most contractors offer 24-hour emergency service on holidays, in the middle of the night or whenever you need a repair. Customers can locate a number of neighborhood dealers who will zip over and make the necessary repairs.

Our Guarantee on AC Repairs

Comfort24-7 represents a group of factory-authorized dealers who follow brand recommendations and supply parts distributed by original equipment manufacturers. Our dealers offer the best service and the highest-quality replacement parts. All AC repair services are covered by a one-year guarantee. If you're not comfortable or if your equipment fails due to a faulty replacement part, we'll correct the problem or remove the part and refund the cost of the repair. All Carrier and Bryant replacement parts are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of the installation. If a part fails, we'll replace it for free.

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Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

When you hire a Comfort24-7 contractor to repair your air conditioning system, you'll get an honest, accurate opinion, a thorough diagnosis and an up-front estimate. Depending on the problem, our technician may estimate the cost of labor and new parts or the cost to replace the entire system. If additional problems are uncovered, your technician will let you know. Comfort24-7 dealers will never complete a job without receiving your authorization. Most problems can be detected and corrected immediately.

  • Thermostat connections and functions will be checked.
  • Coolant levels will be measured.
  • Coils will be inspected.
  • Electrical connections will be inspected, tightened and calibrated.
  • System cycles will be analyzed for irregularities.
  • Filters and blowers will be checked for blockage.
  • Drains will be checked for clogs that affect humidity.

Whether your system has faulty electrical components or a refrigerant leak, your technician will track down the problem and do what it takes to get your system up and running without breaking the bank. If the benefits of installing a new unit outweigh the cost of repairing an old system, your air conditioning repair expert will let you know. You'll also have a chance to compare the cost of repairs to the long-term energy savings that you could enjoy by upgrading to an energy-efficient model. It's our policy to give customers the information that they need to make informed decisions and select the best option for their needs. It's all part of our commitment to serving local homeowners and earning the factory-authorized seal.