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Air Conditioning Installation

Do you need to install a new HVAC system or replace an old, outdated unit? If an untimely equipment breakdown is compromising your comfort, look no further than your neighborhood HVAC experts. The Comfort24-7 network includes more than 50 local HVAC contractors who are trained to install Bryant and Carrier cooling equipment. Our local HVAC dealers are committed to keeping residents cool across Chicago, northern Indiana and southern Michigan. We can guide you through the entire process, help you find a local contractor and install a system that fits your needs. Our dealers take the time to explain available options, find tax rebates and make sure that you're getting the best system and service. When an air conditioning installation job has to be done, our dealers are prepared to do it better. Don't be overwhelmed by the process. Find a Comfort24-7 AC installer in your area.

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Estimates and Advice

A professional opinion is invaluable when it comes to selecting an HVAC unit that is expected to deliver comfort efficiently for the next 10 years. Our contractors can help you narrow down your options and find the best system for your home, budget and cooling needs. It all starts with a professional consultation to estimate air conditioning installation costs. A member of the Comfort24-7 sales force will come to your home, discuss your needs and complete load calculations to determine the appropriate model and cooling capacity.

Because our dealers employ factory-trained, NATE-certified personnel, customers know that all load calculations and equipment recommendations will be made using the latest information and best practices. Our dealers consider cooling requirements based on square footage, insulation levels and a variety of on-site conditions. Accurate load calculations based on the size of your ducts and conditions in your home improve efficiency and comfort substantially. Comfort24-7 dealers are focused on helping homeowners make informed decisions. Our experts can help you compare available options, understand SEER ratings and weigh the benefits of central air conditioning systems, ductless HVAC units and all-season heat pumps.

Time that technicians spend estimating equipment and installation costs allows homeowners to get an accurate financial picture that considers the cost of new equipment, possible tax rebates and efficiency projections. Sometimes, money saved on energy bills can help pay for the cost of a more efficient unit. Installation experts can determine these numbers by completing a payback analysis that compares your current utility bills and cooling system to newer energy-saving options.

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Factory-Authorized Air Conditioning Installers

If you need to replace an air conditioning system, it pays to choose a factory-authorized AC installer. Our dealers are trained and approved by manufacturers to install and maintain Carrier and Bryant HVAC units. This rigorous training program coupled with NATE certifications ensures that each technician has a complete, thorough understanding of installation best practices for each HVAC brand. Systems installed by technicians who don't have this training may not achieve advertised efficiency ratings, and they might not offer the same guarantees. As a Comfort24-7 customer, you'll also have access to manufacturer-backed financing on new Carrier and Bryant equipment.

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Our Installation Guarantee

Whether you're hiring a Comfort24-7 dealer to complete a ductless air conditioning install job or to replace an old central air conditioner, you new system will be covered by a two-year guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with your new system during this time, your Comfort24-7 contractor will correct the problem at no charge or remove the installed equipment and refund the installation costs. Our providers specialize in these HVAC installation services.

  • Central air conditioning installation
  • Ductless air conditioning installation
  • Heat pump installation
  • HVAC system replacement

Don't put off an HVAC system replacement any longer. Get the comfort you deserve by finding a local Comfort24-7 dealer today.