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Heat Air and Other Earth Science Resources

Earth science is actually a collection of many different sciences with their unifying factor being that they study the earth. The most intriguing aspect of Earth science for the beginner is often that while Earth science is a conglomeration of other sciences, so too are those other sciences. For instance, geology is one science found under the umbrella of the term Earth science. However, geology in itself is the conglomeration of mineralogy, geomicrobiology, seismology, and much more.  The same can be said for many other sub-fields of Earth science as well. Each science depends on the success and advancement of all the others, on the fact that the advancement of ideas and understanding is the bedrock principle for any field of science, which is why they are all keen to have the best and brightest take an interest in their fields. Some of its major figures include people from such diverse walks of life as Harry Hammond Hess and Robert Ballard, who lived in modern times and studied geology and oceanography, to Ferdinand Magellan and Galileo Galilei, whose observations during explorations influenced earth science about 400 years ago.

Below can be found links to almost all of the sciences involved in Earth science. These links include everything from societies and associations associated with particular fields, lesson plans for teachers, study resources for students, and more. These sites can be of vital importance to someone trying to break into a field or simply gain a little more information about the dynamic field of Earth science.



Soil Science

Atmospheric Science





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