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Residential and commercial HVAC systems represent a serious investment on the part of home and business owners. If you're getting ready to have a new system installed, you want to be sure that you're choosing the most efficient and reliable option given your needs and budget. If you're updating your current cooling and heating system, you want to find components that can be integrated into your old system while providing for increased efficiency and performance. It's essential that you work with a qualified contractor throughout the shopping, installation and maintenance process. We can put you in touch with a contractor or HVAC dealer who will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Should You Work with An HVAC Contractor?

Many home and business owners wonder if working with a contractor is really necessary. You might be considering installing a new air conditioner on your own or completing much-needed duct repairs. Though doing the work yourself and saving money can seem tempting, you'll be able to best protect your investment if you work with a professional contractor.

Your contractor will be your guide and advisor as you shop for HVAC equipment or weigh your upgrade options. A factory-authorized contractor will be able to provide you with up-to-date information about manufacturer rebates, tax credits and other incentive programs. Of course, your contractor will also complete professional installation of your HVAC system. Choosing professional installation is one of the best ways to guarantee that your HVAC system works as designed from day one.

Before you choose a contractor, you should be sure to check the contractor's certifications. You can ask your friends and family members for referrals or you can search our site for a list of qualified contractors in your area. Make sure that the contractor you choose is a NATE-certified, factory-authorized professional.

NATE-Certified Contractors

Contractors and technicians who earn the North American Technician Excellence certification have demonstrated a high level of understanding in the HVAC field. They are prepared to complete maintenance and repairs on all brands of HVAC equipment. Certified contractors also keep abreast of the latest developments in the HVAC field, meaning that they can help you choose efficient, effective solutions for your home or business heating and cooling needs.

Factory-Authorized Professionals

Major HVAC manufacturers Carrier and Bryant both offer factory certification programs to identify highly qualified dealers and HVAC contractors. A factory-authorized dealer has an in-depth understanding of all of the manufacturer's heating and cooling systems. In addition to their extensive knowledge, these dealers are familiar with the latest manufacturer rebates and can help you choose an HVAC system that qualifies for tax credits. Most factory-authorized dealers will also be happy to help you secure manufacturer-backed financing for new or replacement HVAC systems.

Working with Your Contractor

Locating a qualified HVAC professional in your area is the first step towards having a new cooling and heating system installed or completing major repairs. After you've identified a contractor, you'll need to complete several steps to ensure optimal success. Remember that you should always choose a contractor in your immediate geographic area. Choosing a contractor located far from your home or business is a recipe for inconvenience and disaster.

The Home or Business Inspection

Before your HVAC contractor agrees to complete any work in your home or business, an inspection should be conducted. During this inspection, the contractor will examine your current heating and cooling equipment. Your contractor will also check the ductwork in your home if you use central AC or heat. After checking your current system, the contractor is likely to take measurements of the area that you want to cool.

Your contractor will then consider these calculations and your needs to decide on the desired load capacity of your new HVAC system. Load capacity is an expression of how much power a unit must have in order to efficiently cool or heat an area. Be sure that your contractor has actually seen the space where the HVAC unit will be used before completing a load calculation.

Shopping for HVAC Solutions

Shopping for new HVAC equipment should be exciting. Your contractor will help you find the HVAC system that meets your needs. In most cases, your contractor will help you find the most efficient system possible. Be sure to discuss budget considerations with your contractor before you start shopping for new devices.

Quotes, Service Agreements and Warranties

A reputable HVAC contractor will always provide you with a written estimate for all installation, repair or maintenance work to be completed. Before installation or work begins, your contractor should also let you know about any service agreements or warranties offered on your equipment. Do not sign off on HVAC work until you have carefully review the written quote.

Finding A Contractor in Your Area

At Comfort24-7, we take the work out of finding a qualified contractor. Use our site to search for a contractor according to your zip code. We are proud to serve consumers in Chicago, NW Indiana & SW Michigan.