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Skokie, Heating and Air Contractors


Although Skokie was settled during the early 19th century, the city itself wasn't established until some time later. Initially known as Niles Center, Skokie was a rich agricultural community that enjoyed close ties to the booming Chicago market. With the strengthening of local infrastructure and transportation lines, the city quickly developed into a manufacturing and service hub for the nearby metropolis. It was also one of the primary beneficiaries of the post-World War II building boom and remains known for its attractive tracts of mid-20th century housing. These days, Skokie is lauded for its diverse business community and its incomparable public institutions. In fact, its public works, police and fire departments all enjoy accreditation from the well-regarded Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.


Skokie occupies a prime location to the immediate north of Chicago. Although the city doesn't front directly on Lake Michigan, it enjoys water connections with the wider world thanks to the North Shore Channel. It's also connected to Chicago and other nearby cities by more conventional transportation lines, including Interstate 94 and U.S. Highway 41. While Skokie's land area is mostly developed, it does feature a number of attractive protected areas. These contain prime examples of the region's pre-settlement landscape, including open oak savannas and wildlife-rich wetlands.

Population and Demographics

Although it's no longer growing at the breakneck pace of the mid-20th century, Skokie has a steadily growing population of about 65,000. Despite its proximity to Chicago and rich natural amenities, Skokie has a wide roster of affordable homes and commercial parcels. As such, it attracts new arrivals from all walks of life. In recent years, many Chicago-based professionals have relocated to the town to take advantage of its natural amenities. Thanks to an excellent school system and a rich cultural landscape, it's also home to academics, school-age children and large families.

Things to Do in Skokie, Illinois

Skokie doesn't lack for points of interest. The city's Old Orchard Mall is recognized as one of the largest "first generation" malls in existence, and Skokie's downtown streets are lined with a staggering range of independent boutiques, restaurants and luxury retailers. During the warm months, the curated Skokie Sculpture Garden is popular with visitors who appreciate tasteful installation art. For those who wish to view works of art from a seated position, the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts is known for a revolving slate of plays, operas and symphony performances. Despite its misleading name, the Evanston Golf Club occupies a choice parcel of real estate near the geographical center of Skokie.

Climate and Weather

Skokie's continental climate is typical of much of the Midwest and Great Plains. The city experiences four distinct seasons that bring variable but rarely catastrophic weather. Between November and March, it's possible for snow to fall in measurable amounts. Although most snowfall events are light and non-disruptive, occasional winter storms can make life difficult. Skokie's transitional seasons are characterized by pleasant, mild weather and frequent rain showers. During the summer, warm air masses usher humidity into the region and nurture its diverse array of plant species. Cold fronts and thunderstorms ensure that summer's heat remains bearable.

Air Conditioning Contractors in Skokie, Illinois

Rain or shine, Skokie is fortunate to have dozens of top-notch HVAC contractors at its disposal through the Comfort 24-7 network. Each of the network's companies employ licensed, NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians who are fully capable of tackling the most complex installation, service and repair jobs around. Whether they need a central air system installed in a new commercial building or wish to retrofit their existing home for a modern HVAC system, Skokie's homeowners and business owners trust the air conditioning and furnace contractors at Comfort 24-7 to get the job done. With scheduled maintenance plans and 24-hour emergency service, these professionals are available on demand.

Comfort 24-7 works with HVAC companies that have been factory-authorized to sell, service and repair Bryant and Carrier equipment. All of these products come with powerful warranties and a proprietary "Comfort Guarantee" that exemplifies Comfort 24-7's commitment to great service. From efficient geothermal units and powerful central air systems to quiet heat pumps and cost-reducing insulation, the network's furnace contractors are proud to offer the best systems and equipment on the market. With Comfort 24-7's air conditioning and heating contractors on its side, the entire Skokie community enjoys affordable comfort all year long.