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Munster, Heating and Air Contractors

Located just 30 miles south of Downtown Chicago, beautiful Munster, Indiana, is a bedroom community that boasts small-town charm. The town has undergone significant reconstruction since flooding in 2008 and has put a strong development plan in place. Visitors and residents alike will find plenty to do in and around Munster.

Local Geography & History

Centuries prior to the arrival of the first Europeans, the area around Munster was inhabited by the Potawatomi peoples. One of the primary trails used by these early people, known as the Ridge Road, is located in the heart of present-day Munster. By 18th century, both the French and British had laid claim to the land. In the late 18th century, the British were overrun by George Rogers Clark, who claimed the land for the new American nation. The town was officially settled in the 1850s and named for Jacob Munster, a store owner from the Netherlands. Munster was incorporated in 1907 and came to the attention of the public as the site of the Nike-Zeus Missile Defense Base during the Cold War. The city has enjoyed moderated growth in the past five decades.

Munster, known as The Town on the Ridge, is situated on an ancient portion of Lake Michigan's shoreline. Three small lakes lie within the town's borders, though one has yet to be developed. Munster is bordered to the north by the Little Calumet River and to the west by the Illinois state line. State route 41 passes by the town, providing access to major national highways and freeways.

The Area's Residents

The town of Munster is home to approximately 23,500 individuals. Thanks to its proximity to Chicago, the area enjoys decent ethnic diversity. The homeownership rate in Munster is very high. Most citizens are employed in private industry, retail or public service.

Attractions, Diversions & Entertainment

Guests and residents alike will find no shortage of interesting things to do and see in Munster. For those who enjoy learning about local history, there's no better stop than the Munster Historical Society, which provides information about sites of interest and runs a small museum. Those who want to delve into the spiritual life of the community can arrange a visit with the Carmelite Fathers at the local monastery.

Of course, Munster also offers a wealth of options for those who enjoy being outdoors. The town's Parks and Recreation staff works diligently to provide great recreation opportunities for families. Those who are interested in cultural sites can head to the Center for Visual and Performing Arts, where dozens of special events and performances are held every month. The Community Veterans Memorial is also a favorite among families who want to recognize those who have served their country.

Local Weather & Climate Conditions

As is typical in the greater Chicago area, Munster experiences warm, muggy summers and cold winters with significant snow fall. The furnace repair Munster IN residents rely upon is designed to keep families warm no matter how cold it gets outside. Those who are getting acclimated to the area should be sure to bundle up before going outside. It's also a good idea to avoid spending long amounts of time outdoors when the temperature is below freezing.

Comfort 24-7 Contractors in Munster, IN

At Comfort 24-7, we know that enjoying your time in Munster is all about staying comfortable in your own space. We're proud to match homeowners with local HVAC contractors who can take care of furnace, air conditioning and indoor air quality needs. Our heating and air conditioning contractors are here to take care of your family.