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Mount Prospect, Heating and Air Contractors

Mount Prospect is a suburb of Chicago, and is located in Cook County, Illinois. It is northwest of Chicago along Interstate 90. Mount Prospect's boundaries encompass an area of approximately 10 square miles between Arlington Heights and Des Plaines.


The Village of Mount Prospect was first settled by Yankee settlers, who were followed by German immigrants. The Germans established many of the village's cultural traditions. In 1850, a railroad station was built in the village, and it began expanding beyond being a mere farming community. In 1917, Mount Prospect was incorporated with a population of 300. It expanded rapidly during the 1920s economic expansion as well as during the move to the suburbs during the World Wars. The town continued to grow during the 1960s and beyond, becoming a major business center and building the first air conditioned mall in the upper-midwest.


Randhurst Mall, which was the first air conditioned mall in the upper-midwest, has been redeveloped into Randhurst Village and now features movies, offices, and a hotel in addition to shopping in an outdoor environment. The village also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year. Popular events include parades on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The village also hosts an annual community garage sale, where the entire village is invited to participate, and many shoppers are drawn in from neighboring communities. There are also weekly events such as live music as well as less frequent events such as car shows and open houses at various village agencies.


Mount Prospect's approximately 54,000 residents live in just under 22,000 housing units. Approximately 23 percent of the population is under the age of 18. Senior citizens, those over the age of 65, make up 16 percent of the population. Mount Prospect's households earn a median household income of a little less than $70,000. About 40 percent of its residents have earned at least a bachelor's degree. Just 6 percent live below the poverty level. There are about 5,700 businesses located within the village.


Like most of the Chicago area, Mount Prospect has relatively mild summers and freezing winters. In July, the average high temperature is about 83 degrees. During most of January, the temperature is constantly below freezing with an average low of around 11 degrees. The sun shines just over half the year, with an average of 186 sunny days. It rains an average of 109 days per year. The total yearly rainfall is around 32 inches, and there are usually about 24 inches of snow.

Mount Prospect, IL, HVAC Contractors

Good heating contractors are a necessity when living in Mount Prospect. When furnace repair is needed, it is needed immediately, not just for comfort, but to avoid other problems such as frozen pipes. Comfort24-7 has experienced HVAC technicians available 24 hours a day for emergency repairs. Of course, avoiding heating repair is always the best option. Regularly scheduled maintenance on heating systems will not only reduce the risk of a sudden and more costly breakdown, but will also likely provide significant energy savings by eliminating leaks and fixing any worn out parts.

Although Mount Prospect avoids the heat found in more southern cities, temperatures in the 80s and occasionally in the 90s can still make it uncomfortable inside. Air conditioning contractors such as Comfort24-7 can also recommend and install a low-cost, energy-efficient AC system as well as repair and maintain existing systems.