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Mishawaka, Heating and Air Contractors


Like its sister city of South Bend, Mishawaka is an older city with a proud tradition of industrial might and social progress. Mishawaka takes its well-worn "Princess City" nickname from its namesake, a Native American princess who lived in the area during the initial period of European settlement. Thanks to its abundant water resources and convenient location between Detroit and Chicago, Mishawaka had developed into a thriving industrial town by the early 1830s. Although its initial workshops were involved in the smelting of iron ore and other mined metals, the area's industrial businesses diversified into advanced manufacturing activities during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In fact, the Mishawaka area was the historic home of the Studebaker Motor Company. These days, Mishawaka is a cozy bedroom community for South Bend.


Mishawaka is located square in the middle of north-central Indiana. It lies directly to the east of South Bend and shares a long, winding land border with its larger sibling. The St. Joseph River passes directly through the city and continues to provide practical and recreational benefits for its industrial businesses and residents. More broadly, Mishawaka is one of the principal cities of the Michiana region. This loosely defined area includes portions of northeastern and north-central Indiana as well as two counties in southwestern Michigan. Local thoroughfares include U.S. Highway 20 and the limited-access Indiana Toll Road.

Population and Demographics

Mishawaka is about half the size of its neighbor to the west. At last count, its total population came in at just under 50,000. Unlike South Bend, the city has enjoyed a relatively stable or slightly growing residential base since the early 1990s. Although Mishawaka retains some of its old industrial real estate, it has successfully modernized its economy and become something of a regional service-economy powerhouse. Many of its residents work for "back office" businesses like call centers, fulfillment centers and claims departments. A number of its more affluent residents work as tenured faculty members at South Bend's Notre Dame University.

Things to Do in Mishawaka, Indiana

Locals and visitors delight in Mishawaka's breadth of attractions and scheduled activities. Fans of heavy machinery are free to tour AM General's local facilities or explore the region's connection to now-defunct Studebaker. In fact, it's possible to find antique vehicles like the Studebaker Hawk and newer models like the Hummer H1 scattered around town. Locals enjoy subsidized access to the all-ages Battell Center, an all-inclusive recreational facility that features scheduled classes and a variety of amateur sporting events. Botany enthusiasts prefer the Japanese-style Shiojiri Garden near the center of town, and history lovers can visit the late-Victorian Beiger Mansion on most days.

Climate and Weather

Mishawaka's weather is heavily influenced by the proximity of Lake Michigan and the vagaries of mid-continent air masses. While the area's climate is technically classified as continental, local temperature swings aren't as pronounced as in some other areas of the Midwest. Prevailing winds from Lake Michigan tend to keep nighttime temperatures elevated during the cool months and produce lower highs during the summer. However, heat waves and cold snaps do occur with some frequency. Early winter sees a well-defined uptick in lake-effect precipitation as well. Spring and early summer tend to be rainier than other seasons.

Air Conditioning Contractors in Mishawaka, Indiana

For years, Mishawaka's residents and business owners have turned to the air conditioning and furnace contractors that make up Comfort 24-7's extensive HVAC network. By providing access to hundreds of seasoned, well-regarded air conditioning companies across Michiana and beyond, Comfort 24-7 provides locals with the best air conditioning service at the fairest possible prices. The network's NATE-certified technicians hold up-to-date licenses from the state of Indiana and are well-versed in complex repair and installation techniques like chiller replacements, multi-unit installations and historic-building retrofits. They're also proud to offer 24-hour emergency repair and troubleshooting as well as regularly scheduled maintenance work as part of Comfort 24-7's "Comfort Certified" maintenance plans.

Comfort 24-7's air conditioning and heating contractors also sell a wide range of HVAC products. As Michiana's largest network of factory-authorized Bryant and Carrier dealers, Comfort 24-7 connects locals with attractively priced models that are rated to last for years while reducing lifetime operational costs. Signature systems include geothermal water heaters, central air conditioning units, wall-mounted equipment, heat pumps and indoor air quality devices. Thanks to the HVAC contractors in the Comfort 24-7 network, Mishawaka has never been more comfortable.