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Lombard, Heating and Air Contractors

Lombard is a village in northeastern Illinois. It is a suburb of Chicago, sitting due west of the city along Interstate 88. It covers an area of just over 10 square miles within the county of DuPage.


The area was first settled in the 1830s by Americans of European descent seeking new land to farm. The Galena and Chicago Union Railroad was built in 1848 and rapid commercial development occurred around the train station. The village was officially incorporated in 1869. It was named after Chicago banker and real estate developer Josiah Lombard.

Illinois was one of the first states to allow women to vote in 1891 when a group of women walked into a Lombard courthouse and demanded to be allowed to vote. A county judge agreed with them. Illinois women were allowed to vote in national elections in 1916, four years before women were granted suffrage nationwide.


The Doctor Leroy William House is better known as the Little Orphan Annie House. Originally home to Doctor William, who specialized in making artificial limbs for Civil War soldiers, it was later home to Harold Gray, who started the Little Orphan Annie cartoon strip while living there. Lilacia Park was originally home to Colonel William R. Plum's lilac garden. He left it to the village upon his death in 1927 and it has been open to the public since 1929. The Lombard Historical Museum is housed in a house restored to look like a post Civil War Lombard home and is filled with Victorian artifacts showing the lifestyle of the time.

The Sheldon Peck Homestead was built in 1839 and is the oldest house in Lombard. It was donated to the village in 1995, restored to the 1840s to 1860s time period, and is now open to the public. Enchanted Castle is a family entertainment center with bumper cars, go karts, miniature golf, and other attractions.


Lombard has about 44,000 residents living in just over 18,000 housing units. The homeownership rate is nearly 75 percent. About 22 percent of residents are under the age of 18 and about 14 percent are over the age of 65. There are about 4,200 businesses and the median household income is approximately $73,000. Just under 5% of residents live below the poverty level and a little over 40 percent have a college degree.


Lombard generally sees four distinct seasons. Summer highs are in the mid to upper 80s. Winter highs are typically at or just above freezing. Spring and fall are mild with highs in the 60s. The average rainfall is just under four inches in the summer and one to two inches in the winter.

HVAC in Lombard, IL

HVAC contractors in Lombard cover a wide range of surfaces to make sure the heating and cooling needs of Lombard residents are met year round. Air conditioning contractors install both central and ductless systems. Ductless systems are growing in popularity because of their individualized room temperature control, increased energy efficiency, and avoidance of needing to maintain a duct system. Technicians are available to help discuss which option is best for a given location. Regular maintenance and emergency repairs are also provided.

Heating contractors help ensure that homes are well prepared for sustained freezing temperatures during the winter. In addition to new installations, heating repair services are also offered. Furnace repair services should be considered when heating is lost, when the furnace is making unfamiliar noises, or there is a noticeable decrease in efficiency. If necessary, 24 hour emergency service is available.