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Homewood, Heating and Air Contractors

Homewood, IL

Homewood is a village in Cook County, Illinois. It is due south of Chicago along Interstate 57. It covers an area of just five square miles and has a population of just under 20,000.


The area was first settled by settlers from New England in 1834, and German and Dutch settlers followed soon after. The town was initially called Hartford, and it received a station along the Illinois Central Railroad in 1853. The trains brought wealthier families seeking to escape from the city into a more country club like atmosphere.

After the turn of the century, the village began to grow even faster has its train station grew in importance and cars started to come to the area. The population more than doubled in the 1920s. The town struggled during the Great Depression, but experienced growth again when soldiers returned from World War II and moved to Homewood to start families. Through the end of the 20th Century, the village's population continued to expand and major businesses such as malls and large shopping centers began to boom.

Things to Do

In addition to its proximity to Chicago and its attractions, the Village of Homewood also hosts numerous local events each year. The village hosts parades on Memorial Day and Independence Day. Its Chocolate Fest, which is held in February, features a bake-off contest, live music, and vendors displaying a wide variety of chocolate goods. It holds a Farmers' Market every Saturday during warm months that has, in addition to locally grown or made foods, a wide variety of special events.

The town also has an annual bike race, dog parade, fire department open house, hobo night, Christmas lights, railroad days, and other night events. For the athletically inclined, the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District maintains a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and it offers programs and leagues for both kids and adults.


Homewood's residents live in about 7,500 households. More than half consist of married couples, and over a third have children under the age of 18. The median age is around 40. The median income for a family is a little over $70,000.


Homewood has four distinct seasons with warm summers, freezing winters, and mild springs and falls. The average July high is 84 degrees, and the average January low is 14 degrees. Homewood has an average of 192 sunny days and 110 rainy days each year. It has an average annual rainfall of about 37 inches and sees a little over two feet of snow each winter.

Homewood HVAC Contractors

Many homes in Homewood were originally built without air conditioning, but many homeowners are asking air conditioning contractors to install it for those summer months when inside temperatures can rise into the 80s. Once installed, air conditioning should be relatively inexpensive to run due to Homewood's relatively mild high temperatures and overnight heat drops. A high utility bill is often a sign that maintenance is needed. Duct cleaning in Homewood, IL, is one of the most common maintenance needs because an older house with large amounts of dust can clog the ducts and reduce an air conditioner's efficiency by 30 percent or more.

A good furnace is even more important than air conditioning. With winter lows dropping well below freezing, heat is not only needed for comfort, but also to prevent damage to your home such as frozen pipes. One of the best ways to ensure your furnace is in top shape for the winter and save money is to schedule a regular inspection and maintenance several months before cooling season.