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Elkhart, Heating and Air Contractors


Elkhart is one of Indiana's oldest incorporated municipalities. Once home to a thriving population of Potowatomi tribes, the future site of Elkhart supported intensive agriculture by the second decade of the 19th century. Initially founded as the village of Pulaski, Elkhart quickly grew into a thriving mill town and attracted traders from across the region. For the first several decades of its existence, Elkhart actually belonged to Michigan Territory. After Indiana became a proper state, the city served as the most important industrial outpost of its northern tier. Although the city is no longer a major manufacturing center, several RV-building firms operate facilities in the area.


Elkhart is located in north-central Indiana near the Michigan state line. The broader region in which it's located is known as Michiana, and the city maintains close ties to adjacent parts of Michigan. The center of Elkhart is about 110 miles from Chicago, 150 miles from Indianapolis and 190 miles from Detroit. Despite its location in a fairly densely populated region, the city is almost completely surrounded by forest and farmland. Its downtown core is surrounded by rings of low-density residential neighborhoods and a handful of commercial nodes. Local thoroughfares include the Indiana Toll Road, U.S. Highway 20 and Indiana Highway 19.

Population and Demographics

With a population of just over 50,000, Elkhart is the largest city in the county that bears its name. Despite periodic attempts to annex surrounding communities and unincorporated zones, Elkhart has found it difficult to grow its population over the past several decades. Local residents tend to be a bit older than the national average. Many work for major manufacturing companies or own small businesses that cater to the trucking firms that use the Indiana Toll Road. Others work at local institutions of higher education, including Notre Dame University and Indiana University at South Bend.

Things to Do in Elkhart, Indiana

Elkhart draws thousands of tourists with a range of popular attractions. Wellfield Botanic Gardens showcases hundreds of native and non-native plants in a serene environment. For history buffs, the National New York Central Railroad Museum hosts permanent and rotating exhibits on the early history of North America's railroad network. The Midwest Museum of American Art delights visitors with several thousand exhibits from local artists. For music fans, the Elkhart Jazz Festival provides several nights of entertainment at the height of summer. Popular green spaces include Studebaker Park and Edgewood Park.

Climate and Weather

Thanks to a classic continental climate, Elkhart experiences four distinct seasons. Local winters can be cold and snowy, but the city is located far enough from Lake Michigan to mitigate the impact of lake-effect snow showers. By contrast, local summers tend to be warm, humid and wet. While frequent thunderstorms water the landscape during the warm months, severe weather rarely causes significant property damage. In spring and fall, clashing air masses can create rapid temperature swings. Elkhart's growing season typically stretches from mid-April through late October.

Air Conditioning Contractors in Elkhart, Indiana

Comfort 24-7 maintains a deep network of air conditioning and heating contractors across northern Indiana. With dozens of partners and a deep reserve of NATE-certified technicians, the network specializes in performing prompt, effective repair, maintenance, installation and retrofitting services. What's more, the knowledgeable HVAC contractors that work with Comfort 24-7 train their staffs to perform value-added services like indoor air quality audits, efficiency checks and safety inspections. For residents and business owners who experience unexpected equipment malfunctions or breakdowns, Comfort 24-7 keeps an ample supply of technicians on overnight call.

Comfort 24-7 doesn't simply work with the best heating and furnace contractors in the Midwest. It's also proud to provide local clients with access to award-winning systems and accessories from top-rated manufacturers like Bryant and Carrier. Business owners and residents alike can trust Comfort 24-7 for efficient, powerful air conditioning systems, heat pumps, indoor air quality equipment, ductless systems, water heaters and more. Additionally, Comfort 24-7 connects customers with useful accessories like filters, duct covers, programmable thermostats and thermostat remotes. Many of these products come with factory warranties and service agreements that can catch problems before they become serious. With Comfort 24-7, Elkhart has a true HVAC ally.