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Darien, Heating and Air Contractors


Once known as "Cass," the village that would become Darien was founded during the 1830s. Thanks to its location on a well-trafficked stagecoach line and its proximity to the burgeoning city of Chicago, Cass rapidly grew into one of northeastern Illinois's premier agricultural communities. By the late 19th century, Darien had become a favored vacation destination for Chicago's elite merchants. Remnants of this Gilded Age boom can be seen in well-preserved mansions like Castle Eden. In the late 1960s, the Cass area was renamed Darien in honor of the Connecticut town from which one of its most prominent residents had moved. These days, Darien is a thriving suburb that enjoys close ties to Chicago.


Darien is located in the heart of the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. The center of the village is located about 15 miles from downtown Chicago and sits near a number of important local thoroughfares. In addition to Interstates 55, 294 and 355, Darien is also served by Illinois Highway 83. Most of Darien consists of medium-density housing developments that feature single-family houses on small but tidy lots. Near the center of the village, a number of multi-unit developments ring a commercial center and a number of prominent local institutions. Although Darien has little remaining open space, it's home to the sprawling Carriage Greens Golf Club and a number of small parks.

Population and Demographics

Darien has a population of just over 22,000 souls. Unlike many other Chicago-area suburbs, the village's population has actually declined slightly since 2000. Although Darien has always been a sought-after destination for upwardly mobile Chicagoans, the building-out of the village has reduced the amount of land that remains suitable for development. In addition, restrictive zoning policies that have supported housing prices in the region make it difficult to obtain building permits for high-density developments. As such, Darien's residents enjoy rising home prices and a tight-knit community that looks and feels much as it did in the 1970s and 80s.

Things to Do in Darien, IL

As a full-service suburb near the geographical center of Chicagoland, Darien has plenty for residents and visitors of all ages. Active residents and their kids flock to the Darien Sportsplex, a unique institution that features a wide range of indoor and all-weather courts and fields for a sports like soccer, basketball, ice hockey and volleyball. Active locals who prefer to exercise outdoors have the nearby Waterfall Glen County Forest Preserve at their disposal. This sizable preserve features meandering hiking trails and a number of unique wetland habitats. A number of malls and shopping centers populate the region's major highway interchanges and offer plenty of opportunities for bargain-hunting visitors.

Climate and Weather

Darien's climate is defined as a humid continental regime. Although the area receives ample precipitation throughout the year, spring and summer tend to be wetter than fall or winter. During the cold months, it's not uncommon for heavy snow to disrupt travel for hours at a time. However, these events are separated by long stretches of clear, dry weather that encourage residents to get outside. In the transitional seasons, showers and thunderstorms break up generally mild periods that can also feature plenty of sunshine. Summer can be hot and humid, but frequent cold fronts break the heat and produce pleasant northwesterly breezes.

HVAC in Darien, IL

For years, Comfort 24-7 has provided residents of Darien and other Chicagoland communities with access to the finest heating and air conditioning contractors in the region. Comfort 24-7 works with top-notch companies that employ NATE-certified, fully licensed technicians and enjoy factory authorization to sell and service Carrier and Bryant products. These dedicated HVAC contractors stock their showrooms and dealerships with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment like central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, geothermal units, dehumidifiers and indoor air purifiers. These products come with industry-leading warranties and comprehensive maintenance instructions.

The air conditioning and heating contractors that populate Comfort 24-7's network employ first-rate technicians who understand the intricacies of HVAC service. As furnace repair professionals, they're on call day and night to attend to unexpected emergencies and ensure that their clients remain comfortable and safe. Comfort 24-7's air conditioning and heating repair specialists also offer scheduled service plans on a monthly or annual basis. These visits feature regular inspections and tuneups that can prolong equipment lifespans. Thanks to Comfort 24-7, Darien is always comfortable.