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Chicago Heights, Heating and Air Contractors


Although the Chicago Heights area had been farmed and fished since the mid-19th century, industrial development didn't get going here until the 1890s. Thanks to the area's cheap land and abundant water resources, major companies like Inland Steel set up shop near the center of town. Along with Indiana towns like Gary and Whiting, Chicago Heights was one of the country's first true "steel cities." During the 1940s, it contributed mightily to the U.S. war effort and attracted workers from all over the continent with the promise of high-paying factory jobs. Today, its economy has diversified into services like healthcare and communications.


Chicago Heights lies almost due south of Chicago's Loop district. Since it lies near the geographical center of the Chicago area's Southland region, it's close to mainline highways like Interstates 80, 57 and 294. It's also close to expressways like Illinois 394 and features easy access to the region's Metra commuter rail system. Most residential development is medium-density or high-density, but Chicago Heights's commercial areas are largely suburban in nature. Several well-preserved tracts of forest remain within the city limits.

Population and Demographics

For the past few decades, Chicago Heights has maintained a steady population figure near 30,000. As one of Chicago's original "industrial suburbs," the city grew rapidly during the early 20th century and reached its population plateau shortly after the end of World War II. Although there are some plans to turn the area's disused industrial sites into housing and commercial tracts, these probably won't come to fruition for some time. In the meantime, the city is largely built out and can't support a larger population.

Things to Do in Chicago Heights, Illinois

Chicago Heights has an impressive array of attractions. The U.S. 30 corridor is home to a diverse mix of Polish, Slovak, Caribbean, Mexican and Italian eateries, and the eclectic River Oaks Plaza West shopping area lies just outside the city limits. Meanwhile, an extensive network of parks and forest preserves bisects the city from northeast to southwest. For golfers, the Longwood Country Club in nearby Crete offers a challenging course and a laid-back clubhouse. Although they're not completely open to the public, the area's factories continue to offer an insightful look into its industrial past.

Climate and Weather

With a humid continental climate that produces four seasons of equal length, Chicago Heights is home to some very interesting weather patterns. In the winter, regular cold fronts engender light to moderate snowfall events that can temporarily snarl travel. Fortunately, it's rare for temperatures to remain below freezing for more than a week at a time. Spring and summer are often pleasant and sunny. During the warm season, most of Chicago Heights's precipitation falls in intense but short-lived thunderstorms. Fall is a pleasant, mild season that often features a beautiful foliage display.

Duct Cleaning Chicago Heights, IL

Inclement weather doesn't stop the proud HVAC contractors that work within the Comfort 24-7 network from performing their duties promptly and courteously. These reputable businesses are renowned for sourcing the best workers from the area's deep pool of NATE-certified technicians, and they endear themselves to their customers by keeping adequate staffs on duty around the clock. From time-sensitive emergency repairs and difficult retrofits to standard-issue duct maintenance and commercial installations, Comfort 24-7's technicians can perform a wide range of HVAC-related tasks to perfection. What's more, the Chicago Heights community can count on them to offer time-saving maintenance tips, perform difficult-to-execute repairs on tight timetables, and provide money-saving services like efficiency audits and indoor air quality checks.

Comfort 24-7 works with air conditioning contractors that are officially cleared to sell Bryant and Carrier equipment in their showrooms. They carry systems and accessories like central air units, heat pumps, water heaters, furnace grates, thermostats, dehumidifiers, wall-mounted units and more. These systems and components are protected by factory warranties from Carrier and Bryant as well as "satisfaction guarantees" that keep customers happy and comfortable. Thanks to Comfort 24-7, Chicago Heights never has to worry about sweating through the summer or shivering through the winter.