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Buffalo Grove, Heating and Air Contractors

Buffalo Grove is in the suburbs northwest of Chicago in both Cook and Lake Counties, Illinois. Located west of where Interstate 294 merges into Interstate 94, it is a mid-sized bedroom community of just over 40,000 people. The village prides itself on treating everyone in the community as family.


The land on which Buffalo Grove sits was obtained from the United Nation of Ojibwa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi in the Treaty of Chicago of 1833. Early settlers were land speculators, and were followed by dairy farmers looking for additional land. In the 1850s, families began arriving and built a small downtown area consisting of a church, school, general store, and tavern. The village's name is believed to have derived from the buffalo that once roamed the area.

Buffalo Grove's growth accelerated in the 1920s when electrical service was extended to the area. It also received northern Illinois' first concrete road in 1930. Following World War II, a large number of GIs in need of housing came to the area. More shopping centers were built and even more people relocated to the village — a cycle that continued into the 1990s.

Things to Do

The Buffalo Grove Symphonic Band is open to all adults over the age of 18 wishing to play and holds concerts in the village throughout the year. The village also holds a farmers' market every Sunday morning from June through October. On Independence Day, there are fireworks preceded by a concert held by the Buffalo Grove Symphonic Band. The village also owns and operates two golf courses — the Buffalo Grove Golf Club and the Arboretum Club.


Buffalo Grove had 41,715 residents as of the 2012 Census, and they lived in 17,034 housing units for an average household size of 2.54 people. Over 80 percent of households own their home. The village's age distribution closely mirrors that of the entire state with just under a quarter of residents being children under the age of 18 and a little over 10 percent being senior citizens over the age of 65. The median household income is about $91,000. Sixty percent of residents over 25 have a college degree, and less than 3 percent live below the poverty level.


Buffalo Grove lies in the humid continental zone and has four distinct seasons. Winters are freezing with average January lows of 10.8 degrees and an average annual snowfall of almost three feet. Summers are relatively mild with an average July high of 83 degrees. There are an average of 187 sunny days each year. It rains an average of 109 days per year for a total annual rainfall of 36 inches.

Buffalo Grove Air Conditioning Contractors

Buffalo Grove's frigid winters require homeowners to ensure that their furnaces are in top shape. With the amount of heating time each winter, even a small loss of efficiency can drastically increase fuel expenses. Comfort 24-7 dealers believe that prevention is better than cure. That is why we recommend a maintenance appointment before heating season to correct any small problems before they grow into a more costly repair.

Although some homes do not have air conditioners or choose not to use them, air duct cleaning Buffalo Grove, IL, is very important to maintain indoor air quality for those that do. Over time, dust and other particles build up in your homes air ducts. If left unclean, these are blown into your house and pollute the freshly cooled air. Contact us today to find a contractor near you that specializes in air duct cleaning and other HVAC services.