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Brookfield, Heating and Air Contractors


Although Brookfield had been used as a Native American hunting, farming and fishing ground for hundreds of years, it wasn't "discovered" by European settlers until the late 1880s. The arrival of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad spurred a period of breakneck growth that lasted until the Great Depression, and Brookfield quickly became known as a thriving, business-friendly suburb of Chicago. Unlike many surrounding communities, it never developed an industrial base. Instead, it served as the home market for a number of independent shops and service providers. During the 1950s and 60s, it gained regional attention as the home base of the privately owned Chicago Zoological Society. It also continued to attract residents with excellent schools and a strong economic base.


Brookfield is located about a dozen miles southwest of downtown Chicago. True to its reputation as a railway town, the city lies close to the rail lines that extend from Chicago to St. Louis. It's also conveniently located near a handful of major roadways, including Interstates 55 and 294. While Brookfield's southern border abuts the industrial village of McCook, its western and northern extremities shade into lush communities like Oak Park, Riverside and Western Springs. Like these attractive suburbs, Brookfield is primarily comprised of medium-density clusters of single-family houses.

Population and Demographics

As of the most recent Census, Brookfield has a total population that's just shy of 20,000. Its residents work in a wide variety of industries, including finance, law, high-tech manufacturing and transportation. Although the town lacks large-scale employers and plays host to relatively little manufacturing activity, it's known as a hospitable environment for smaller service providers. As such, it has a robust tax base and entices new residents with a fairly high standard of living. Its school system and social institutions are among the region's strongest, and its kid-friendly park system ensures that its population remains young and fit.

Things to Do in Brookfield, Illinois

Brookfield welcomes thousands of visitors per year with a range of interesting attractions. The Chicago Zoological Society continues to maintain the Brookfield Zoo, a regional attraction that rivals Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo in size and scope. Despite its relative youth, the town also boasts historic buildings and attractions like the Grossdale Train Station and Riverside Brookfield High School. Its park system includes several notable expanses that host musical events, plays and fireworks displays during the summer months. These include JC-Ehlert Park and North Kiwanis Park. Meanwhile, outdoorsy types love the quiet beauty of the Brookfield Oak Savanna, one of the largest remaining expanses of oak prairie in northern Illinois.

Climate and Weather

Brookfield has a continental climate that produces variable but generally pleasant weather throughout the year. During the summer months, warm temperatures and humid conditions prevail. Although heat waves aren't uncommon, this regime is made more bearable by frequent showers and thunderstorms that leave drier, more stable air masses in their wakes. In the spring and fall, local residents experience a wide range of weather conditions. However, these seasons are generally mild and pleasant. The growing season usually lasts from mid-April until mid-October, but frost-free conditions may last until mid-November during warmer years.

Air Conditioner Brookfield, IL

Winter or summer, Comfort 24-7 puts Brookfield's residents, business owners and institutions in touch with well-regarded HVAC contractors that know the business through and through. These bonded, fully insured organizations employ NATE-certified air conditioning and heating repair technicians who carry up-to-date Illinois licenses and perform prompt, high-quality service on demand. These furnace repair technicians receive regular factory training that hones their skills and exposes them to new techniques. As such, they're capable of tackling everyday jobs like thermostat replacement and condenser repair as well as more involved assignments like multi-unit commercial installations and retrofits. They're available to make repairs on a 24-hour basis or as part of Comfort 24-7's scheduled maintenance agreements.

All of the heating and air conditioning contractors in Comfort 24-7's database are "Comfort Certified" to the highest standards of professional conduct and workmanship. They're also factory-authorized dealers of the newest, most efficient Carrier and Bryant products. In fact, Comfort 24-7's contractors maintain well-stocked showrooms that feature systems and equipment for every building and budget. From efficient central air conditioning units and compact heat pumps to low-maintenance geothermal water heaters and powerful furnaces, there's nothing that Comfort 24-7's contractors can't supply. With a deep roster of air conditioning and heating contractors in Brookfield, IL, Comfort 24-7 is the clear choice for HVAC products and support throughout the year.