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Bolingbrook, Heating and Air Contractors


Although the Village of Bolingbrook was officially established in the 1960s, the first settlers began arriving from New England in the early 1800s. They built homes from the trees that grew along the DuPage River and laid their dead to rest in Boardman Cemetery, which was founded by Captain Harry Boardman. The Barber Cemetery was established by John Barber, who built a home on what would eventually become known as Barber's Corner. Several farms were scattered throughout the area, and occasionally, pioneer families would hold social gatherings near a large sugar maple tree.

Until 1960, the area was mostly rural, but when the Dover Construction Company began building homes in the new planned community of Bolingbrook, young families began moving from Chicago to the suburbs. The first neighborhoods were known as Westbury, Colonial Village and King's Park, and the new subdivision soon included schools, churches, stores and parks. In 1965, Bolingbrook was officially incorporated.


Located in northeastern Illinois, Bolingbrook has a total area of slightly over 24 square miles and is about 30 miles southwest of Chicago. Illinois Route 53, which is also known as Bolingbrook Parkway, runs through the center of the village. Bolingbrook is surrounded by the communities of Naperville, Plainfield, Romeoville and Woodridge.


According to recent estimates, Bolingbrook has a population of nearly 75,000 people. Over 85 percent of the residents own their homes, and the median value of a home in Bolingbrook is approximately $238,000. Over 88 percent of the adults have high school degrees, and nearly 33 percent of the adults have graduated from college. In addition, about 3400 veterans reside in Bolingbrook.

Climate and Weather

Bolingbrook has a temperate climate, and the village enjoys four distinct seasons. The warmest month of the year is July, and the average high temperature is 86 degrees. January is usually the coldest month of the year, and the average low temperature is 14 degrees. The village receives about 36 inches of rain each year and about 33 inches of snow.

Local Attractions and Events

Throughout the year, Bolingbrook offers residents and visitors variety of different events to enjoy. Every summer, the Clow International Airport hosts the Cavalcade of Planes, featuring a display of vintage aircraft, airplane rides and flyovers. The airport is also home to the Illinois Aviation Museum. In July, the village celebrates Independence Day with food, fun, music and fireworks at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. Other local celebrations include the annual Village Picnic, the Bolingbrook Jubilee and the Symphony in Lights, which takes place in December and celebrates the holiday season. Additionally, the Bolingbrook Park District manages a variety of recreational facilities, including an aquatic park, a nature preserve, a community center and a public golf course.

HVAC Contractors in Bolingbrook, IL

With the area's warm summers and cold winters, indoor climate control is a necessity. To help their homes remain comfortable throughout the year, residents of Bolingbrook know the importance of keeping their HVAC systems well maintained. If you're looking for reputable air conditioning and heating contractors in the area of Bolingbrook, you can trust the contractors at Comfort 24-7.

Heating and Air Conditioner Service in Bolingbrook, IL

Our heating and air conditioning contractors are NATE certified, reliable and have extensive experience with air conditioning and heating repair, installation and service. You can easily find contractors in your area by searching the listing of service companies on our website. Whether you need to schedule routine maintenance, installation, air conditioner repair or furnace repair, Comfort 24-7 is here to help.