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Friday, December 18, 2015

If the furnace in your Chicago-area home is nearing 20 years old, it is definitely time to replace it. Even if you think your furnace seems to be running just fine, you may not realize how much money a new furnace and thermostat could save you on energy bills. Here's what's new with furnaces.

Energy Efficiency

You can't avoid hearing the buzzword “going green,” and for good reason. Buying Energy Star appliances can save you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills and help the environment as well. The biggest trend for furnaces is energy efficiency. If you're in the market, a high-efficiency condensing furnace is a popular choice for those wanting to save on their home energy costs.

Home Automation

Another common trend for furnaces is equipping the furnace with home automation, or at the very least, a programmable thermostat. Home automation allows families to control the temperature in their home from their personal device. Even those who don't want to spend the money on home automation typically will choose a programmable thermostat to have precise control over their HVAC system.

Single and Multi-Stage Options

If you haven't bought a furnace in a while, you may not be aware of the different options available beyond traditional and energy-efficient. A single-stage system only has one fan speed and is usually the most affordable, but is also typically the least efficient. Two-stage furnaces offer two fan speeds and are more efficient and quieter than single-stage systems.

If you're considering buying a new furnace, call 855-Get-Comfy to speak to an expert at Comfort 24-7 to find out more information about the different types of furnaces available and what would work best for your family and home.

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