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Friday, August 21, 2015

Unlike a traditional AC unit, two-stage air conditioners can run at both high and low speeds. If your home needs less conditioned air, the system defaults to the low setting; for warmer conditioners, the high speed kicks in. If you're ready to buy an air conditioner in Chicago, consider a two-stage model for these four reasons.

Lower Power Bills

On mild days, your two-stage air conditioner will run on the low setting (also known as the half-power setting), which means it uses less power to run. You'll see the difference in your monthly power bill because your AC won't expend as much energy to cool your home. However, you won't notice a difference in your comfort level because, on extremely warm days, your AC will run at full power.

Consistent Cooling

When a two-stage air conditioner runs on half power, it runs more often. Instead of cutting on with a blast of cold air, then cutting off a few minutes later, you'll experience continuous cooling. This means fewer fluctuations in indoor air temperature. If you've ever noticed hot spots in your home or periods of warmth followed by periods of cold, you might prefer a two-stage system.


Two-stage air conditioners last longer than single-stage models because the continuous running of a two-stage model incurs less wear and tear, which means your investment lasts longer. Although they are not yet as widespread as the single-stage versions, two-stage air conditioners are the wave of the future in terms of longevity.

Air Quality

Additionally, two-stage air conditioners remove more humidity from the air because they run for longer periods. Drier air means enhanced comfort and less opportunity for mold growth, both of which improve indoor air quality.

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