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Monday, July 06, 2015

If you haven't had a chance to prepare your air conditioner for the hot summer days that will soon be upon us, it isn't too late. Taking the time now to prepare your air conditioner will ensure you'll be sure to keep your cool when those temps are pushing 90 and higher outside. Here are a few quick DIY tasks to get your HVAC system ready for summer and make sure the annual transition goes smoothly.

Change the Air Filter

Better yet, buy a multi-pack of air filters so you'll have enough to change it every month all summer long. A dirty air filter is the single most common factor implicated in poor cooling performance and high operating costs. Its an easy do-it-yourself procedure that pays off in greater comfort and reduced utility expenses. If you don't know how to change the air filter, ask your HVAC contractor to show you.

Check the Outdoor Unit

The outside component includes the compressor and condenser coil and fan. Over the winter, it might have accumulated fallen leaves and twigs in the fan grille on top of the unit. Clean these out and also cut back any weeds or vegetation to clear at least two feet of space on all sides for optimum air circulation into the vents. Turn off power to the unit at the switch and spray down the interior coil surfaces with a garden hose to remove dust and dirt.

Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

Certain A/C malfunctions are most likely to manifest when the unit is first started up for the season. An annual tune-up by a qualified HVAC technician will verify that all systems are fully functional. He'll also perform preventive maintenance procedures to minimize wear and tear during the summer ahead and keep the system running at manufacturer's specs.

For more information on getting your HVAC system ready for spring, check out's maintenance solutions or call 855-438-2663.

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