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Sunday, June 21, 2015

You can't expect to efficiently and comfortably cool and heat a family home with one thermostat, especially a larger home or one with multiple levels. A single thermostat can only accurately control the temperature in the room where it's located. In most homes, that's not going to provide your desired temperatures in other rooms. That's why zoning systems are becoming so popular.

What Is a Zoning System?

A zoning system divides a home into two or more areas, or zones, based on their different heating and cooling characteristics. Many cars, plus most SUVs and vans have air conditioning and heating controls in the 2nd and 3rd rows of seating. These are considered zoning systems also.  The convenience of controlling the temperature in different parts of your vehicle is also available for your home. Each zone in your home would have its own dedicated thermostat and controllable duct dampers. A typical zoning setup will have a separate zone for each floor of a multilevel home. This addresses the main factor influencing temperatures in a house -- the fact that warm air rises. Other zoning setups might account for rooms with large banks of windows, different building materials or varied exposure to the sun.

Benefits of Zoning Systems

  • Home comfort -Here's a typical situation where zoning will resolve a persistent household problem. A three-floor home has a single thermostat on the main floor. When it reaches the desired setting on that main floor, it signals the furnace or A/C to shut down. However, in the winter, the finished basement is probably still cold. In the summer, the upstairs bedrooms haven't cooled off yet. Being able to control temperatures separately on each level would provide three-level comfort.
  • Energy savings - With a zoning system, you can turn down cooling or heating to unoccupied parts of the house. This gives your HVAC system a break and saves on monthly utility bills.
  • Satisfying individual preferences - Not everybody likes the same temperatures. With zoning systems, those hanging out in the living room can set the temperature the way they want it, while somebody upstairs in a bedroom can set a different temperature.

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