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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Those who suffer from allergies know how terrible it can be when indoor allergens become a problem in their living space. Even people who who don't have allergies can experience flu-like symptoms or other negative side effects when exposed. Therefore, it's important that you take steps to improve your indoor air quality and ensure your home is a healthy place for you and your family. Learn about some common household allergens and the different methods you can take to combat them.

Preventing Indoor Allergens

Installing an air purification system is one the most effective ways to remove allergens in your home. On top of that, the following info highlights five common indoor allergens and some of the ways to minimize them in your home:

  1. Pet dander: Pet owners who are devastated to find out they're allergic may be able find relief by lowering the amount of dander inside their homes. Groom pets outside daily and bathe them weekly, preferably by someone who's not sensitive.
  2. Dust mites: These tiny, spider-like pests are said to be the most common cause of allergic and asthmatic reactions. To keep them at bay, dust all surface areas twice per week using a damp cloth. Clean floors and vacuum carpets twice every week. Wash bedding in hot water weekly, and use allergen-proof covers on mattresses and pillows.
  3. Pollen: Pollen can be easily transported into your home on clothes and shoes. Leave shoes at the door, and shake clothes off as best as you can before entering.
  4. Mold: Mold thrives in areas that are dark with lots of moisture. Clean any you see with a bleach solution, and keep moisture and humidity levels in check.

Learn more about indoor air quality solutions available via that can help with indoor allergens in your home, or contact us today at 855-GET-COMFY to schedule an appointment for your Chicagoland home.

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