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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Carefully designed attic ventilation does the vital job of protecting your attic and the rest of your home from the Chicago area's high humidity and summer heat. By becoming aware of the many myths surrounding ventilation, you can make sure the ventilation in your attic is designed for maximum efficiency.

Myth: Current Ventilation Is Enough

The truth is many homes are built with insufficient ventilation in the attic. For example, you might find soffit vents that let fresh air in, but no ridge vents to let hot, humid air out. Unless the system is designed to create continuous airflow, it does little good.

Myth: Ventilation Isn't Important in Colder Climates

Chicago may have cold winters, but that doesn't mean our attics need less protection from humidity. The truth is that humidity from damp weather and condensation from cool evenings can cause just as many moisture problems as hot weather. Ventilation prevents rot and mold growth by drawing out excess moisture.

Myth: Attic Ventilation Saps Heat From Your Home

As long as you have the proper amount of attic insulation to keep heat from entering your attic, attic vents won't alter the temperature in your rooms. In fact, your attic should stay cold to prevent ice dams and related roof leaks.

Myth: You Need as Much Airflow as Possible

Too much airflow in your attic can cause unwanted air leaks and put your roof at risk for damage during windstorms. Most attics need up to one square foot of vent space for every 300 square feet of ceiling space.

Myth: There Are Standard Ventilation Designs for Every Attic

While research has provided some solid guidelines for ventilation design, the job is still something of an art. Ideally, your ventilation should be designed by an experienced specialist who can tailor the system to your individual attic.

If your attic ventilation could use an upgrade, try our free Find an HVAC Provider service to find an expert in your part of Chicago or in Northwest Indiana or Southwest Michigan. Or give us a call at 855-GET COMFY!

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