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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Have you started hearing odd sounds coming from your HVAC system? Some noises may simply be caused by the normal and proper operation of your system, but others may signal an issue. Before you spend money on a professional inspection, learn about some common noises heard from ducts and furnaces - you may be able to diagnose the problem yourself.

Different Types of Ducts

The pressure increases and the metal expands in ducts when they are filled with air and as air passes through them. If you have rectangular shaped ducts, you may hear a popping sound coming from them during this process. The popping sound can be heard with ducts of different shapes as well; square ducts are typically quieter than rectangular ones, and round ones tend to pop less often than both rectangular and square ducts.

Duct and Furnace Noise: Common Causes

  • Popping noises after duct cleaning. The last thing you expect is to hear strange sounds after having your ducts serviced. Prior to having them cleaned, the dust and debris that had built up effectively reduced the pressure and air flow in your ducts. In this instance, the popping sound is likely due to the improved air flow, rather than a sign that there's something wrong.
  • Whistling sounds after duct cleaning. The greater air flow and lowered pressure that can cause popping noises can also result in a whistling sound. The fan speed can be slowed down during the winter (make sure to speed it back up come summer) to help reduce the whistling sound.
  • Booming noises heard once the heating cycle starts. Gas powered heating systems have burners that can become rusty or clogged with debris, resulting in a booming or popping noise. If blocked, your system may not start-up right away, as intended. This may indicate that there's a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

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